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sofrito | identity no. 2

In just a few short days, Nathaniel and I will be celebrating our second wedding anniversary! Year 2 in the books!

Oddly enough, as I’m puttering around the house jamming to La Reina de salsa—Celia—on the eve of our second anniversary, I am sad, for the first time, that I legally “erased” my maiden name. 689 palabras más


Puerto Rico: Is Statehood Right for Them?

After Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico floundering, and the U.S. lent billions of dollars to help Puerto Ricans recuperate from the damage, an age old question arose: Should Puerto Rico be granted statehood? 459 palabras más

Puerto Rico

A Picture's Worth: Climate Change Photos Should not Alienate

Last week, National Geographic announced that its April issue will be devoted to the topic of race. The magazine recently conducted an audit of sorts, looking through its previous decades of literature to assess its coverage of race. 970 palabras más