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Porteo en el calor

¿No le da calor ahí metido?

¿No se asfixia?

¿No te da calor?

¿Llevarlo encima no le hace sudar?

Éstas y muchas más son preguntas que me hacen con frecuencia cuando me ven porteando. 487 palabras más


Must-Do for Florida's Midterm Candidates: A Stop in Puerto Rico. Or Three.

Patricia Mazzei (The New York Times) reports on procedures to ensure Puerto Rican votes in Florida (and elsewhere in the United States). “Holding political office in Florida increasingly requires trekking to Puerto Rico, the former home of a growing number of Florida residents,” Mazzei writes. 926 palabras más


Puerto Rico braces for hurricane season

The U.S. federal agency tasked with restoring electricity to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria hit the Caribbean last year, is leaving the island while thousands still have no power heading into the next hurricane season. 6 palabras más


Episode 98 - Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Episode 98 – Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

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In our ninety-eighth episode, we talk about what we’ve been playing lately and announce the third entry in our Road to Episode 100 Contest. 101 palabras más

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