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Regalos para todo tipo de Jevas

¡Hola Chicas!

Regalar no debe ser un dolor de cabeza, pero si te causa un trauma como a mi ¡tranquila! este blog post te encantará. Debo confesarles que soy un verdadero caso para regalar. 830 palabras más

Puerto Rico

The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture’s 17th National Art Exhibition

The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (ICP) recently announced the opening of the 17th National Art Exhibition 2018 , dedicated to artist Dhara Rivera, to be held next Saturday, December 15, starting at 2:00pm at the Arsenal de la Marina Española in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. 440 palabras más


#Prevalence and incidence of #Zika virus #infection among #household contacts of patients with #Zika virus disease, #PuertoRico, 2016–2017 (J Infect Dis., abstract)

Prevalence and incidence of Zika virus infection among household contacts of patients with Zika virus disease, Puerto Rico, 2016–2017

Eli S Rosenberg, Kate Doyle, Jorge L Munoz-Jordan, Liore Klein, Laura Adams, Matthew Lozier, Kevin Weiss, Tyler M Sharp, Gabriela Paz-Bailey… 317 palabras más


Part 99 - Five Go To Sea - PORTL and Ports of Call!

What is PORTL?  That is short for Portable Operant Research and Teaching Lab.   For a more detailed description click here.   It is a table top training game – one person is the trainer – one is the learner – and often there is another person to observe.  533 palabras más

My Horse Journey - The Long Road To Positive Reinforcement

It's Time To Hustle With This Blog

The weekend has arrived. I’m going to start focusing on my blog. I don’t have a specific nitch to offer as far as content goes. I post as my day goes along. 116 palabras más

Thoughts And Views

Simple, it is Not

A home’s front door along the streets of Old San Juan.

Simple, it is not.

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Irene Tron, photographer

Thursday Doors


The American Dream

Before I start, a little back story: Christopher Columbus colonized Puerto Rico in 1493 in the name of Spain, after killing all the natives and stealing the land’s gold. 1.960 palabras más