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Don’t Miss These Things to Do in San Juan Puerto Rico

Visiting Puerto Rico’s so-called “walled city” is like traveling back in time to another world. Old San Juan is the second oldest town in America and a stroll down its blue cobblestone streets provides a gateway to Puerto Rican history and culture. 1.019 palabras más


Feeling Summer Yet?

A view from above to the shade of long, spiky palm leaves and the warmth and grittiness of a sandy beach.

Feeling summer yet?

Images copyright – Irene Tron.   13 palabras más


Archaeology of Identity and Dissonance

“A hugely valuable and important volume which speaks to the future as much as the past. Archaeology, as practiced in this volume, reveals both human stories of oppression and resistance and evidence of the social processes which continue to shape how people define themselves. 332 palabras más

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Puerto Rico insect study flawed

“But if I were you, I’d take these claims with a big pinch of salt, especially if they include the words “climate change.” That is because the most dramatic, oft-quoted study that links insect loss with climate change turns out to be flawed to the point of uselessness. 24 palabras más


I remember being a kindergartener in Mrs. Collins’ class. It was 1980-81. I was in the PM kindergarten class in the almost brand-new wing of Drums Elementary School. 625 palabras más


10 Valuable Lessons from Puerto Rican Culture

I have never been a patriotic person. If you ask me, I’m from everywhere. I go around the world adapting traits from other cultures that resonate most with my lifestyle. 1.437 palabras más

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