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Google doodles Cornell message to extraterrestrials

Today’s Google doodle celebrates the 44th anniversary of humankind’s first intentional radio message to extraterrestrials, via the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, which was then managed by Cornell. 204 palabras más

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Cornell veterinarians lead animal outreach trips to Puerto Rico

Even before Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico in September 2017, an estimated 300,000 stray dogs and 1 million stray cats roamed the island.

After the Category 5 hurricane hit, family pets became separated from their owners, regular spay/neuter operations for strays ceased and few animal shelters could function because of the island’s fractured infrastructure. 569 palabras más

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It's Friday

It’s Friday, the weekend has arrived. Today will be another day filled with errands. Puerto Rico is looking more like a ghost town, I’m seeing less people in the streets. 41 palabras más

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Back to La Perla! (Pt 4)

There’s progress at La Perla!

La Perla is a ghetto neighborhood in Old San Juan, famous for its danger, drugs, and witchcraft.  But that reputation is fading – God has been tilling the soil and, even with the destruction from Hurricane Maria, there’s life rising up.  397 palabras más


A Great Day To Go Food Shopping

It has been quite a long day at the Supermarket. Well, my wife’s grandmother was doing some food shopping, she takes her time reading labels. The weather held up so far with zero rain. 53 palabras más

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Marmalade, PR

🇵🇷 | San Juan | 11.12.2018

Magnificent dinner at what I have become to consider my favorite restaurant in the Caribbean. The approach to local ingredients, flavors and execution is always the finest. 69 palabras más

Puerto Rico

The Sun Is Shining Bright

The sun is shining bright. Seems like it will be a nice sunny day. These past few days have been horrible with plenty of rain and cold weather. 19 palabras más

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