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Falling in love with Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

After a 12 hour bus ride from Panama City to Bocas del torro and three cloudy days spent on Isla Colon in Bocas del Toro, we made our way over the border to our first point of call in Costa Rica- Puerto Viejo. 1.109 palabras más


And then there was rain...........

From  January 1st – June 30th we got over 100 inches of rain in the area around Puerto Viejo with the majority of that coming in May and June.   635 palabras más

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo is the kind of place where holes in the road are filled in with coconut husk and a rusting corrugated iron roof is more beautiful than a new one – is corrugated iron worthy of the word beautiful? 391 palabras más


Puerto Viejo & Cahuita, Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo is on the Caribbean coast and it definitely has that Caribbean vibe to it. Not to mention the endless rasta and Bob Marley merchandise in all the little stalls lining the beach and the dreadlocks seen from every angle. 809 palabras más

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Chilling with Sloths at the Jaguar Rescue Center

Our first morning in Perto Viejo was pretty rainy so we decided to head over to the Jaguar Rescue Center for an up close encounter with the Costa Rican wildlife. 136 palabras más


Puerto Viejo

Last week was a complete blur. Between going out with friends and having work for class, I didn’t seem to ever write about anything. I adventured a lot with Sean, my friend who, thank gosh, goes to OSU so we can bug each other even in Ohio. 1.206 palabras más

Costa Rica

Lluvia - Rain.

Today was an unusual day.

Rain can be so soothing yet cause much sorrow at the same time. Our group witnessed rains destruction today.

Today began unusually early when our workteam was awoken by the sounds of sirens echoing in the city. 604 palabras más

Costa Rica