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Puerto Viejo 🌴

Schon am Donnerstag ging es mit Karoline und Julie auf nach Puerto Viejo. Die Fahrt war von 4-9 am Abend. Zuerst wollten wir im Pagalù Hostel bleiben, doch leider war es schon ausgebucht. 1.561 palabras más

Puerto Viejo

This weekend was our last weekend to travel during the semester. On Friday (April 8th) 14 of us went to Puerto Viejo which is located in the province of Limón. 574 palabras más

Study Abroad

Manuel Antonio & Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

I knew I had picked a good place to stay as soon as I arrived at Hostel Serena Vista. The view from the common area took my breath away, the Pacific stretched out for miles behind smooth hills. 1.202 palabras más


Feeling the Caribbean Vibe Costa Rica Style

In order to write this post I had to dig deep back into the memory bank. I wanted to make sure I was providing you with accurate information so I also used this wonderful invention called the internet to verify my memory was serving me correctly. 523 palabras más


My Machete Story

It was a lovely Caribbean night. The three of us girls were walking down the road back to our hostel after a fun night of music, drinks and yummy food. 619 palabras más


Sunset in Puerto Viejo

One of my favorite photos from my Costa Rica trip! Although not exceptional in quality, something about the photo always brings me back to the moment. 39 palabras más


Honestly, I didn't love Costa Rica

Costa Rica. Such an exotic name that evokes images of windswept palm trees, crystal clear blue water and the smell of coconut oil. I think a lot of Costa Rica’s mystique stems from its mention in popular culture as the ultimate paradise destination, but for me, it didn’t make the grade. 906 palabras más