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Adventures in Traveling Solo

I don’t know where I picked up this line of hooey but, my life’s motto is, “If you’re not a little uncomfortable, you’re not really living”. 1.612 palabras más


Bug Abroad: Lessons & Lists

I’ve been back in the swing of day-to-day Eugene life and work for a little over a week now, without abandoning everything to run back to Costa Rica. 1.353 palabras más


Bug Abroad: Me Color (Day 5)

Thursday was the hottest day of our trip to that point, and the humidity was somewhat oppressive. Still, we had plans and were aiming to misbehave. 1.335 palabras más


Bug Abroad: Beach Hopping (Day 4)

Miles of beaches to see and lots of flat road. Why not go exploring? Let’s jump right in.

Day 4.1: Breakfast & Coffee Naps. You’d think this working breakfast could get boring. 1.706 palabras más


Bug Abroad: To San Jose (Day 6)

Day 6.1: Packing and Pipa Frija. One final breakfast at the Lizard King as the morning clouds rolled in. All was well-lit, if slightly blued by the new divider between earth and sky. 812 palabras más


Bug Abroad: Puerto Viejo (Day 3)

Here’s the thing about being someone who tends to get a good deal done each day: your days become longer when you have less to do, so much so that a single day can quickly become several. 966 palabras más


Bug Abroad: To Costa Rica (Days 1 & 2)

I’m writing this from the sitting area at the Lizard King Hotel, a beautiful 2-story space in Puerto Viejo de Telamanca, on the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. 654 palabras más