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Pura Vida in Puerto Viejo

Costa Rica was the main reason for us choosing Central America for our travels. Its ambitious carbon targets and not having a major military force since 1949 made it stand out to us. 709 palabras más


Letters from Afar // Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Happy weekend, everyone!

Two years later and I am finally getting around to sharing some of the letters I wrote – and photos I took – during my time in Costa Rica… 855 palabras más


Finding our favourite beach in Costa Rica

Two boats, three buses and a border crossing later, we arrived in Puerto Viejo (“Old Harbour”) on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Puerto Viejo is a small seaside settlement, famous for partying, surfing and relaxation. 292 palabras más

Costa Rica

Some of the places you could go when visiting Costa Rica

By: Melissa King

June 8th, 2016

  1. San Jose

You could visit the Museo de Oro Precolombiano also known as the Gold Museum. There are over 1600 artifacts dated 500AD to 1500AD.  215 palabras más

Melissa King

Bongo's on tour

Vanwege onze gezinsapp die ‘de Bongo’s’ heet (nerds? Yes!) én m’n ouders die het aandurven om de oceaan over te steken om hun favoriete kind op te zoeken (sorry broertjes) de titel van deze blog ter ere van hun komst. 1.034 palabras más

Backpacken Costa Rica

Hitchhiking in Manzanillo

While I was on my way back from a day trip to Manzanillo, a lovely town just outside of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, I realized I still had 12km to go before I reached town, and the sun was on its downward journey toward the horizon. 503 palabras más


Costa Rica: An Unpopular Opinion About a Popular Destination

I grew up as a wannabe non-conformist. When people were listening to the Jonas Brothers I was perfecting my skill in playing classical music. When everyone was watching  398 palabras más

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