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Living in the Now

Yesterday I experienced every moment as something extraordinary and beautiful and I felt alive and happy. And it all started with yoga.

We changed rooms, got our laundry done and rented bikes for one more day – all done in the morning, before the good part of the day could start! 732 palabras más

Panama City - Puerto Viejo

It is almost 10 at night, and I am sitting in the pitch black at OM hostel in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. It is pouring down rain which it has for some strange reason for the last couple of days. 1.383 palabras más

A-Z of lessons from a GoPro first-timer

Everything about GoPro screams style and cool.  How great it looks in the store and in its box.  Those amazing videos you see.  The potential seems limitless.   1.134 palabras más


Spring Break Part 2: Manzanillo, Punta Uva, and Puerto Viejo

Here’s part two as promised!

We left Cahuita on Sunday, March 29th after spending the weekend there, and got on the bus that would take us to Manzanillo.   623 palabras más

Costa Rica

48 hours in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Two spare days in our Panama trip, and what to do.  With our next stop in nearby Bocas del Toro, and with the combination of good beach town and convenience for the overall route proving elusive, we decided at the last minute to pop across the border for a couple of days. 436 palabras más


Costa Rica: Day 5-Sloth Sanctuary Insider’s Tour

After changing rooms at Banana Azul the previous afternoon, on Day 5 of our trip, we spent our first glorious morning in the Howler Suite. At about 6:00 AM, I first skipped down a flight of stairs in my PJs to the empty restaurant below, and filled up a big mug with Banana Azul’s crazy strong ‘crack’ coffee, and brought it back to our private balcony for maximum enjoyment. 1.443 palabras más

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