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If you like nature, chocolate and slothes, then I am sure you will love Costa Rica. Its a bit more expensive than the other central american countries and is pretty popular with people from the US. 221 palabras más


sun and sand in puerto viejo

First off, we wish everyone a very happy, healthy, and an abundant new year!

We have only a few more days to enjoy this lovely, warm and welcoming part of Costa Rica: the Caribbean village of Puerto Viejo. 520 palabras más

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150 Meter in den Tod - Sorry Mom

Es ist mittlerweile schon ein bisschen her, seitdem wir den Blog geupdated haben. Das lag aber weniger daran, dass nichts nennenwertes passiert ist, sonder eher am Gegenteil und wir kaum Zeit hatten, uns um den Blog zu kümmern. 237 palabras más

Cruising through Costa Rica

You haven’t seen or experienced greenery until you arrive in the lush land of Costa Rica. We were amazed by the biodiversity, stunning wildlife, environmentalism, and eco-friendly tourist options. 1.151 palabras más

Reasons to Hate Paradise. No. 1: Giant Ants

I spent the last three days marvelling at your teamwork and wondering why the leaves nearest you weren’t good enough, but respected your lifestyle choices anyway. 521 palabras más

Caribbean Coast

Puerto Viejo

8. November
We had a really early start to the day, since we were being picked up at 6:30 for the drive to the Pacuare river. 1.363 palabras más