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my guide to paradise 

Anyone who has been following along knows I just got back from the best vacation to Costa Rica. I found an amazing little slice of paradise in a lovely town called Puerto Viejo. 101 palabras más


Costa Rica

What a beautiful country.  How do I begin? I set out on a personal adventure for serenity and to celebrate my birthday.  What my daughter calls my eat, pray, love moment. 330 palabras más

Slothing around the Caribbean Costa Rica - Cahuita, Puerto Viejo & Manzanillo

Leaving Tortuguero you have two options: taking that 1 hour and something, 3$ (or this time actually 5$ with the luggage) boat down Rio Suerte…or taking the more touristical, 3-4 hour, cca. 1.797 palabras más

Costa Rica

Can bears go to Costa Rica?

James-Robin the bear had always dreamed of going on adventures, but for a little bear, it was hard to make his dreams a reality. It was hard to go anywhere without being trampled by the crowds. 362 palabras más


What to do around Bilbao

With my recent spell  living in Bilbao still relatively fresh in the memory, I have decided now is the appropriate time to write my guidance on the best things to do around Bilbao. 1.475 palabras más

Basque Country

Puerto Viejo (de Talamanca)

We have made two trips out the Caribbean Coast to visit the Puerto Viejo region. This area of Costa Rica is actually quite interesting, more laid back and cheaper than the Pacific Coast. 663 palabras más

Living la Pura Vida in Puerto Viejo

What a place! Puerto Viejo is on the Southern Caribbean side of Costa Rica, close to the border with Panama. Because of the strong Caribbean influences from surrounding islands, Puerto Viejo takes on a super chilled environment with a great surf scene and reggaeton party atmosphere at night. 910 palabras más

Caribbean Coast