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Surreal Californian oilscape wins climate change photography award | New Scientist

Surreal Californian oilscape wins climate change photography award
This unreal landscape captures the environmental price of intensive oil exploitation paid by a desert in Kern County, California.

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Fauno al claro

A doscientos pasos
sendero abajo
luego una izquierda
junto al manzano
encontré la colmena.
Polen y protervia
fatua la herencia
pécora disposición.
Alas amputadas y…
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Puerto Rico. Arecibo. Telescope.

Puerto Rico telescope (Arecibo Observatory) is well known. Having its structure in decay (built in the 1960s…), the University of Central Florida concluded to its decommissioning (Paul Rincon, … 30 palabras más

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Realizarán pruebas de coronavirus en Barranquitas

El alcalde de Barranquitas, Elliot Colón, anunció que el municipio realizará pruebas de COVID-19 en servicarro para los residentes, mañana lunes 24 de noviembre entre 10:00a.m. 19 palabras más


Europe must think more globally in crafting its pandemic response

The EU has struggled to find a unified voice in the pandemic. A new plan is a strong start, but needs to be more outward-looking. 6 palabras más



Héctor E. Colón

October 29, 2020

My knowledge and love for agricultural production, and subsequent nature conservation, started early on in life, in the biodiverse agroforestry and silvicultural agriculture scenarios being carried on in the farms of my two uncles at the highly-steeped mountains of Central Puerto Rico (Barranquitas). 773 palabras más