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Club Penguin Times Issue #491

The latest edition of the Club Penguin Times has been released! This week’s edition is full of information that has to do with Puffles.

PH explains the new Puffle tricks that you can perform with your Puffles on the front cover: 72 palabras más

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March 2015 Postcards- Club Penguin

Hey everybody! Ryanec1 here! Club Penguin released new postcards for March 2015! The party will be the Puffle Party!

I think the new postcards are super cool! 166 palabras más

Club Penguin: Puffle Wild Out Worldwide Now

Hello Penguins!

After about a month of Beta Testing in Australia and New Zealand, the Club Penguin Puffle Wild App is Out Worldwide Now. If you have an Apple Device such as an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad that is iOS 6 or Later, then visit the Apple App Store and Search for “Puffle Wild”. 488 palabras más

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Blue Crystallized Puffle?

When you see the Merry Walrus parade sneak peek image, you’ll notice the puffles have a different appearance than the ordinary blue puffles:

There have been rumors that it’s crystallized. 25 palabras más

Puffle Updates

"The minister will see you now, Puffles"


Equalities minister Jo Swinson MP comes to Cambridge – waking up the city’s resident dragon fairy in the process. This plus some thoughts on how to make community reporting help pay my bills! 1.723 palabras más

Party Politics

There's more to unlocking democracy than campaigning alone


Sometimes it takes someone to turn up to events and report from and/or film them.

Here are the results:

Result in the Queen Edith's by-election: Ahammed (Lab) 790 Bower (Con) 614 Chalfen (Green) 222 Sanders (LD) 933. Viki Sanders duly elected.

1.734 palabras más
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Puffle Wild App Sneak Peek Video

Club Penguin have released a new sneak peek video of their brand new upcoming app, Puffle Wild. Here is the video: 26 palabras más

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