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Puffle Berry Mall

Hello! Today I decided to tell you about the new Puffle Berry Mall in Club Penguin. I hope you have already visited it. ;) I did and I liked it very much. 121 palabras más

Marker drawn puffles

  Club Penguin’s unicorn puffle and yellow puffle.

They are creating art of a blue penguin and themselves using glitter.


The Poster of Puffles

Club Penguin recently unveiled a large poster of the puffles discovered in Club Penguin’s 10-year history. Starting from the ordinary puffles, the list goes down with newer species of puffles until at the bottom, you’ll find some interesting puffle species rumored within the CP community. 7 palabras más

Puffle Updates

Mysterious & Scruffy Penguin in Puffle Wild

Recently in the Puffle Wild, a mysterious figure has been appearing on the middle tree stump. The intriguing penguin sports an interesting outfit in varying shades of brown, along with a scruffy beard. 47 palabras más


How to Get the Rainbow Puffle in Club Penguin!

Hello fellow penguins!

Here is a guide on how to get the Rainbow Puffle in Club Penguin.

1) First, go to the Pet Shop located in the Plaza… 274 palabras más

Club Penguin

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2015 Walkthrough

So from now I goona post my each of my YouTube Video On my blog!!

Pop Club

Club Penguin Times Issue #491

The latest edition of the Club Penguin Times has been released! This week’s edition is full of information that has to do with Puffles.

PH explains the new Puffle tricks that you can perform with your Puffles on the front cover: 72 palabras más

Club Penguin