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Puffle Party 2016 Review

The Puffle Party, one of Club Penguin’s traditional parties has returned again this spring to celebrate our furry friends (well, most of them are furry). How does it compare to previous years? 716 palabras más

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Become Puffle Island's Puffle Owner of the Month!

Hi, penguins and puffles!

Today, I’m starting something brand NEW on my blog, where I pick a puffle owner to become the puffle owner of that current week. 176 palabras más


Puffle Owner of the Month: Lillianlilly (February 2016)

Hello, penguins and puffles!

This month’s puffle owner is Lillianlilly! Yes, this is Puffle Island’s first Puffle Owner of the Month winner, and it’s the first one, so stay tuned for the next one on Puffle Island. 114 palabras más


Week in Review (15-21/02/16)

Hello everyone!

Welcome to this ‘Week in Review’ where I will be briefly summarising anything interesting or important that has occurred throughout this week.

To start off, this week’s ‘Penguin of the Week’ is Katkakes08. 447 palabras más

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Puffle Party 2016 - Puffle Parades, Hide And Seek, Outfits And More! (Spoilers)

Hello, penguins and puffes!

I got great news for you all, next month’s party will be the Puffle Party! Yes, I’m a HUGE fan of puffle parties, since they are usually very fun to attend. 266 palabras más


Adopt An Alien Puffle!


Alien Puffles will be on CP November 19,2015-Feburary 3rd, 2016.

Hello CP Peeps,

As we hinted in the Operation Crustacean post,

you can adopt alien puffles. 178 palabras más

Operation Crustacean

Dino Puffles are back @ The 10th Anniversary!!!

Hello, CP Peeps,

I have adopted a few of marvelous prehistoric Dino Puffles.
They are some interesting puffles, They love exploring the 10th
Anniversary Party with us. 95 palabras más

10th Anniversary Party