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Megg's Fashion Festival Silly Fashion Stage Cake & Rainbow Puffle Cake

Hello Penguins!

Last week, Megg made not 1, but 2 Club Penguin Cakes and posted a photo of each cake on Twitter. I saw the photo of each cake on Twitter. 356 palabras más

Club Penguin


¡Hola Pingüinos!

Hoy os traigo un pequeño artículo sobre los personajitos más monos y queridos en Free Penguin, Club Penguin y demás.

¡Los Puffles! Esos pequeñines de los que cada vez hay más tipos… Me gustaría hacerles este pequeño artículo en homenaje :D… 196 palabras más

Croque-Madame Puffle Waffle

Aside from eggs benedict, my favorite savory brunch delight is the croque madame.

It’s like the best grilled cheese stuffed with ham that is then topped off with a cheesy sauce on top and then some oozey eggs. 710 palabras más

Food And Drink

Puffle Berry Mall

Hello! Today I decided to tell you about the new Puffle Berry Mall in Club Penguin. I hope you have already visited it. ;) I did and I liked it very much. 121 palabras más

Marker drawn puffles

  Club Penguin’s unicorn puffle and yellow puffle.

They are creating art of a blue penguin and themselves using glitter.


The Poster of Puffles

Club Penguin recently unveiled a large poster of the puffles discovered in Club Penguin’s 10-year history. Starting from the ordinary puffles, the list goes down with newer species of puffles until at the bottom, you’ll find some interesting puffle species rumored within the CP community. 7 palabras más

Puffle Updates

Mysterious & Scruffy Penguin in Puffle Wild

Recently in the Puffle Wild, a mysterious figure has been appearing on the middle tree stump. The intriguing penguin sports an interesting outfit in varying shades of brown, along with a scruffy beard. 47 palabras más