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Favorite Pupuserias in the Bay Area

As I was talking about last week pupusas are a Salvadorean favorite. Finding a restaurant that makes great  pupusas along with other Salvadorean dishes may be difficult with a large part of the latino population being from Mexico. 71 palabras más


El Salvador: Pupusas

This was probably my most disappointing cook of the year (and if anybody remembers the Norwegian French Toast you’ll know this is quite a claim!). I made a very, very grave error in judgment and culinary prowess. 290 palabras más

Pasadena: Salvadoran Food at Melys Pupuseria

I checked out Melys Pupuseria one night after the gym. We were starving and pupusas sounded like a good idea. Once I got there, I saw they had Siete Mares, one of my favorite seafood soups. 221 palabras más



This recipe has been in the works for weeks! It all started on Facebook where my weekend feed was full of arepa pictures made by my cousins.  683 palabras más

Main Course

El Salvadoreño Restaurante on 2nd Ave

El Salvadoreño Restaurante on 2nd Ave in Des Moines, Iowa

I guess Mi Rinconcito Mexicano didn’t last long and now this space has a pupusa place inside. 39 palabras más

Central Iowa

Traveling Around Places

After Guatemala, Negro and myself return to El Tunco for a night then headed off to Nicaragua. I caught up with a friend I used to volunteer with as she is still volunteering there. 151 palabras más

'Corn Again' in El Salvador - August 2016

We are in El Salvador at the moment, El Tunco to be exact (a beachside town about an hour from the capital of San Salvador). I could use this post to tell you all about the sights in El Tunco but the entire town spreads over only two streets and there isn’t a huge amount to see. 582 palabras más