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The Surprisingly Simple Trick Behind a Salvadoran Cook's Fantastic Pupusas

By Emily Codik

The restaurant is located in the corner of an empty lot in Columbia Heights. It’s an open-air sort of place, with white plastic chairs and checkered vinyl tablecloths arranged beneath a cream-colored tent. 616 palabras más

Faces Of DC

T / go away / my toronto (then)

When it comes to Toronto, I feel a little stunted. I left when I was 22 and never really came back.  Yeah, there were the annual visits that lasted three weeks at most.   805 palabras más


Markets and Multilinguists

Going to the Sunday market in Costa Rica is obligatory. I have also found that people love pictures of exotic fruits, which serves as another motivation to attend. 226 palabras más


Food Shots

I believe I don’t have an eye for food shots. I constantly hear how people get hungry when looking at images or videos of food. I never understood why and thought it was a joke for a long time. 244 palabras más


Cheese Pupusas

So I decided to spice up dinner yesterday. I had to decide to spice it up three days ago because that’s how long it takes to pickle the lettuce into curtido, the traditional side serving for pupusas. 65 palabras más


El Salvadorian Eats

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to spend a week in El Salvador through my dietetic internship at Missouri State University (MSU). It was the trip of a lifetime and such a rewarding experience! 373 palabras más


Window Music

Exclusive Illustration by Edgar Martinez

Chapter 1 – Window Music

San Salvador, El Salvador

“Tomatoes, tomatoes! You want tomatoes? Come and get ‘em, forty for a dollar! 697 palabras más

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