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I took a shower with hot water this week and other miracles

Hola amigos!

Okay so on friday I went on intercambios (interchanges… splits… what is English?) with one of the STLs and their apartment is SO GOLDEN and I got to shower with agua caliente and literally it was a dream.  316 palabras más

Tropicana 2


“El día del cumpleaños de mi mamá es un día muy especial para mis hermanos y para mí, y ya que somos una familia muy numerosa es muy difícil encontrar en la ciudad un buen lugar para comer.

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Return to Izalco

The absolutely best experience in the world is listening to the Allman Brothers Band while riding a motorcycle with a beautiful woman on the pillion on a back road in Iowa on a cool August night. 594 palabras más

El Salvador: Good Times and Pupusas for Scott and Jill

Date: 10/18/16 – 11/08/16

Our first morning in El Salvador began with a highly unsuccessful attempt to find a restaurant serving breakfast in a town called Sonsonate. 3.398 palabras más


El Tunco: Salvador’s Softer yet Rocky Side

El Tunco is a sleepy surf town that is nestled against El Salvador’s rocky Pacific Ocean shoreline. The town consists of two main roads that form a T, with about a dozen or so restaurants, shops and bars that are largely deserted in the beginning of the week and gradually fill up with out-of-town Salvadorans from Thursday to Sunday. 1.036 palabras más


Cheese Pupusas

Adapted from

The first time I heard about pupusas was one day when I was walking down the frozen aisle of Whole Foods, looking for frozen meals to have in case of emergency. 555 palabras más


Latino Food 101: Las Pupusas

If you live in Somerville, MA there is a good chance that you’ve heard a lot about Pupusas. It is the national food of El Salvador and a staple of the Salvadorian diet. 102 palabras más