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This Is Really Happening!

Introductions! Ugh, how I hate them but like my TA said last quarter they are a necessary evil to get acquainted with one another. You see, dear Reader, we are now bonded (cue evil laugh, lol just kidding)  because you have chosen to read my work; to waste your time reading the musings, trappings, and as my mom loves to point out, las bayuncadas that spill from my brain. 325 palabras más


A la Cart: Guanaco

As the taco is to Mexico, so is the papusa to El Salvador. Guanaco brings these meat, bean and cheese corn-flour tortillas to the streets in Vancouver, along with other traditional Salvadoran delicacies like… 104 palabras más


Pupuseria mi Chalateca. Bringing Salvadoran Specialties to Hot Springs

There are cities and towns where food trucks and food trailers thrive. They often gather for events or special occasions for people to come sample their food. 360 palabras más

No Carb Left Behind, episode 2: U-District

For the next installment of my food-centered farewell tour of Seattle, we travel north to the University District, home of the excellent Magus Books, a much-touted annual… 431 palabras más

This & That

Day 177: The One With the Pupusa Making Station

If you had told me that helping students run a cafe, the day after graduation, two years in a row, was a good idea, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. 181 palabras más


Pupusas, Arepas, & Gorditas, The other Latino "Sandwiches"

I love foods that fit into its own little ‘carry pouches’! I enjoy sandwiches, tortas, burritos, tacos, arepas, gorditas,(the little fat one) and a couple years ago I was introduced to one of my new favorites, pupusas! 155 palabras más

El Burrito Mercado

El Salvador



Featuring our special guest Brye!

Most Epic Painting!

Both beers are Lager beer and were brewed in El Salvador [$4 each]

Suprema has an alcohol content of 4.5% 306 palabras más