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2017 Bicycle Ride Across Nebraska: Day 5, Wayne to Wakefield

It was a GOAL-den sunrise at the Wayne Rugby Park. (Nothing like starting the day with a pun!)

I really have to give Wayne credit – they had the most abundant and well-kept portable toilets of any city we stayed in. 1.919 palabras más


Gorditas Experiment

Note: 1) I am not able to find information on why eating salad dressing is different than eating fried food, there must be a chemical reaction or something that changes the molecules of oil to make them harmful, I must continue to be superstitious about believing that fried food is harmful… 355 palabras más


Tamale Time - Salvadoran Food Truck

With the new year, there are once again new food trucks. As the food truck activity in Winnipeg increases, the truck themselves are covering a wider area of the city. 444 palabras más

Reviews And Such

Mexican Crema And Pupusas Made With Taco Spices

Note: 1) the best pan for cooking pupusas is probably a cast iron pan, despite giving a pupusa an interesting appearance, constant medium-low heat appears to stain a steel pan, 2) my blog post… 185 palabras más


Vegan Eats: Part 3

Hello, hello everyone!

This post marks the final installment in my mini-series “Vegan Eats”. In case you’re new to the site, my last two blog posts have been about have to find great vegan replacement foods for those day when you are missing your old favorites. 570 palabras más

Salvadoran Pupusas With Spicy Ragout

Note: 1) my blog post Knowing Sauce Is Important explains how to economically prepare ragout, 2) reduce the amount of tomatoes to intensify the flavor of the sauce (this note was added to the recipe), 3) consider enriching the masa (dough) with eggs… 582 palabras más


053 El Salvador - Pupusas and Curtido

Pupusas and Curtido

Cheese pupusas stuffed, griddled masa cakes and their accompanying slaw, curtido, are quintessential Salvadoran street foods.



1 teaspoon kosher salt…

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