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Belmopan 6 Months

Wow! Six whole months! Incredible!

I can’t believe that I have 6 months into my mission. That is absolutely insane! The time is flying by! (even though it has been so freaking long).  1.107 palabras más

Spiritual Thoughts

Loroco Filling for Pupusas

Someone from El Salvador told me that my Pupusas are pretty good. He tried to describe one thing that was missing, though. Something his mother used. 420 palabras más


Are you familiar with a pupusa?  It’s a traditional Salvadorian dish made of a thick corn tortilla stuffed with a savory filling.  Well, if you have not had one, you don’t have to travel to El Salvadore to get one… just head to La Papusa restaurant.  166 palabras más


Belize: Food and Drink

In my previous post I realized that I really needed more than one post about our trip.  The food!

El Pescador has great food.  Breakfast and lunch are offered during set times during the day.  555 palabras más


Kidney bean pupusas with curtido

Pupusas are the national food of El Salvador. The crispy corn exterior and the gooey bean and cheese filling makes for a perfect companion. I made some cabbage, turnip and radish pickle which is called curtido to go with the pupusas to give it a crunchy and fresh side element. 424 palabras más


We're Making Pupusas!

So the blogger feels a little guilty. She is sorry she has not been blogging lately but real life gets in the way. She’s back though and with tons of posts (food and drinks!) she wants to share with you all. 186 palabras más


Salvadoran Pupusas That Will Make You Happy Inside!

“Susana’s Pupuseria will make your tummy full and your heart happy!” ~ Lizzy

Susana’s Pupuseria is a great place to stop in if you want a quick & tasty bite to eat!

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