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Cheese Pupusas

So I decided to spice up dinner yesterday. I had to decide to spice it up three days ago because that’s how long it takes to pickle the lettuce into curtido, the traditional side serving for pupusas. 65 palabras más

New York Times

El Salvadorian Eats

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to spend a week in El Salvador through my dietetic internship at Missouri State University (MSU). It was the trip of a lifetime and such a rewarding experience! 373 palabras más


Window Music

Exclusive Illustration by Edgar Martinez

Chapter 1 – Window Music

San Salvador, El Salvador

“Tomatoes, tomatoes! You want tomatoes? Come and get ‘em, forty for a dollar! 697 palabras más

Latin America

El Salvadorean food festival fail, falls and fun!

(Days 59 to 62) After our long day of travel from Guatemala we were happy to arrive into the small town of Juayua, along the famous Ruta de las Flores (flower road) in the western highlands of El Salvador. 1.174 palabras más

El Salvador

A day of chicken buses! Xela, Guatemala to Juayua, El Salvador

(Day 59) This was a long  day of riding buses and crossing borders! We had ummed and ahhed over whether to take a shuttle from Guatemala to El Salvador, or try the local chicken buses. 1.305 palabras más


Chicken and Cheese Pupusas

With this exceptionally cold winter we’ve been experiencing, (did I tell you how fed up of this cold I am!) I wanted some south American cooking to warm me up. 431 palabras más

Latin Recipes

Tres Latin Foods Gluten-Free Pupusas: Delicious For Snacks or Meals

Every week, I receive dozens (yes, dozens!) of emails from marketers offering me free samples of this, that, or the other food or drink so that I will review their products on my blog. 589 palabras más