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From "The Infiltration Waltz" by Liz Wirtt-LaFontain

The event was, of course, a thinly veiled attempt to introduce the pupils of the Hopewell Finishing Academy to fitting matches in the form of Southern Michigan Military Academy cadets. 836 palabras más


The Cherán Indigenous Community's Remarkable Road to Self-Rule in Mexico

“For Justice, Security and the Restoration of our Territory”—that’s the slogan emblazoned on the uniform of the people in charge of security in Cherán, one of the main indigenous communities in the heart of the State of Michoacán in western Mexico. 151 palabras más

The Continuing War Against Timazewaltin

Quiroga & Tzintzuntzan 27 Jan 2015

We are in an area famous for their carnitas …. which totally explains why we would hop in a collectivo taxi, then another taxi for a 23 k trip to eat them, right? 766 palabras más


The active señor citizen... or Heaven can wait

Seems to be my night for catching up on the Catholic Church, and on the Catholic Church trying to catch up.  Only about 450 years after the P’urépecha (Tarascans) of Michoacán came to the decision that Vasco de Quiroga was a true Saint, the Church has finally gotten around to considering, maybe, thinking out making it official. 1.310 palabras más

Real Mexico

Un alemán, un francés y un español

A través de Jonathan, un alemán muy serio que habla cuatro idiomas, amigo de nueva cuña y compañero de piso y andanzas, se me ha abierto otra ventana, una oportunidad de salir de las fronteras del Estado de México para internarme de lleno en Michoacán, al suroeste de la República de México, estado hoy famoso por violentos sucesos que tienen lugar en sus tierras en este preciso momento. 1.745 palabras más

12 Fiestas before Christmas

The church bells ring again at the Basilica de Nuestra Senora de la Salud in the former capital of the Purepecha nation.  This time it is the signal for a group of women wearing embroidered dresses and fastened with long colorful braids to begin dancing in the center of the church courtyard.  61 palabras más