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Sri Lanka: ¿Dos meses ya? | Two months already?

Del creador de “Two months already? (Sweden)“, llega este post. Aquí quiero compartir cómo han sido estos ya dos meses en este país del sur de Asia. 1.678 palabras más

¿Qué Ha Pasado?

Festive Protests

Having a random conversation with a friend, a worrying thought popped into my head. My friend said: “I don’t feel proud to be gay, it’s a curse! 761 palabras más

¿Qué Ha Pasado?

Let's remember a couple of things...

I’ve been in Sweden for more than 5 months now and it feels… strange. Fine, but weird. I’m writing this post while a freaking Siberian wind wave is slapping the crap out of Sweden, so I’ve been “captive” at home today to do a lot of thinking on lessons and challenges that are about to hit me in no time. 671 palabras más

¿Qué Ha Pasado?