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Greek Quesadillas

Kaki!  What a day.  We got back from Dallas around 2pm today (happy graduation, Ryan and Casey!), and by 3pm we were under a tornado warning.   445 palabras más


goin' bananas 

cloudy skies and temperatures below 70 degrees when you live in southern california call for a day in with a good friend, a good movie, and a plate full of good food. 119 palabras más

Why Loco?

What does ‘loco’ mean in English?

Loco has a meaning of mad and crazy in Spanish

The chef has a motto of

“Genius cannot bit a person who puts effort in, and the person who puts effort in cannot bit a person who enjoys it” 27 palabras más


Felina Good Eats (05/21/15)

Felina’s Mixed Pepper Quesadilla©


Step 1: Preheat oven to 400° then Cut the following ingredients and mix together in a medium sized fry pan sprinkling on both of the seasonings. 123 palabras más


CSA Wednesday: Week 20

Our rainbow this week featured peaches, nectarines, apples, an onion, strawberries, lettuce, summer squash, and carrots. We didn’t waste any time getting started: we sliced up one of the zucchinis and put it in our quesadillas.  10 palabras más


Quesadillas with a Spicy Guacamole

This is a super easy, super quick recipe for a delicious dinner. You can easily adapt this recipe, and if you want to make it even nicer, but less healthy, double the cheese so it oozes out when you eat it. 216 palabras más