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Peach and Basil Quesadillas

Holy September, Batman! Seriously, WTF happened to summer?

I am usually a diehard autumn fan, but this year, it’s been all about the summa. From the food (oh the yummy summer fruits and veggies) to the fitness (currently drinking the crossfit kool-aid), to downing countless bottles of great wine, with good friends (or is it good wine with great friends? 359 palabras más

Clean Eating

Dinner at Eatery Social, Malmö, Sweden

Malmö has changed a lot lately. For the better, I might add. The area near the Central station which was all bare before now hosts the new addition Malmö Live; a cluster of three modern looking buildings just by the river containing a new four star hotel, a conference centre and a new concert hall. 471 palabras más



Recipe Yields 2 large quesadillas (8 quarters)


1 bag, 31 – 40 count large raw shrimp

1 TBSP lemon juice

¼ tsp chili powder… 268 palabras más


Five more ideas on how to eat in the heat

Bleah! It’s still searingly hot outside. (Too hot for grilling, imho.) Who wants to cook anything, even if your kitchen is in air-conditioned comfort? OK, A/C does help. 790 palabras más


Chipotle Chèvre Quesadillas with Adobo Guacamole

So apparently, I have added “quesadillas” to my list of things that photograph terribly. They are situated right underneath “mashed potatoes.” I admit that I am not a photographer. 595 palabras más


Cactus Quesadilla

 Yeah, you read that right.  Cactus quesadillas.  I first heard about cooking the paddles of the Opuntia cactus a few years ago.  Unfortunately, my part of the world (at the time) did not offer such delicacies.   499 palabras más