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Gluten-Free Spicy Tortillas

I have to admit that during the school year I don’t do a lot of cooking. Plus I tend to make the same things: cooked cabbage, root hash, etc. 409 palabras más

My Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle: Day 20

10:05AM: Ahhhhh. A lie in on a Sunday. No work. No football match to go to. Just chilling in bed until I decide to put my dressing gown on and get up. 162 palabras más

Foodie Ramblings

Quesadillas by Juan Pablo Villalobos

The scene: a beautiful Thursday afternoon, sun shining, breeze flowing. I have just returned a stack of books to the library. I have half an hour before I have to pick up my weekly vegetable box. 186 palabras más

Spicy Steak Quesadillas

Sometimes Mr. Comfortable asks for something specific for dinner and, if it’s possible to make it, I do. A menu plan is great but you have to leave room for adjustments. 44 palabras más


Mel and the Cowboy

I’m not usually an atrocious person – and quesadillas don’t usually have pears in them. But we live in a world where strange things often poke their pumpkin-puree heads through the pie crust of normality. 563 palabras más

Munchie Mondays

Sargent Taco Shop - Tam's Pho

Generally I do reviews of restaurants separately, but today I’m doing a review of both Sargent Taco Shop and Tam’s Pho. While the cuisine is different, and one is trying to replicate a distinctive vibe, they have a couple of things in common that make for a good review. 1.085 palabras más

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10 secret menu items worth trying at Chipotle


Chipotle is one of the few places that never fails to fill you up for cheap. Like many food chains, they have a secret menu that most people don’t know about. 587 palabras más