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Friday Night Meal Prep

Happy Sunday everyone! I am back in action with Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers for their weekly link-up! I am sharing my meal prep from Friday, since it was my rest day! 215 palabras más

Yummy Munchies @ Paddy Hills

Had lunch with an ex-colleague the other day and since she was driving, we decided to venture afar where neither my Bus #11 (read two legs) or the MRT can get to easily.  445 palabras más

Grub & Grog

Day 6: The Integration of Mac & Cheese

Due to a taco-date mix up, I’m going out for tacos tomorrow.  This means that I was initially left without a dinner plan.  Lucky for me, I had some Mac and Cheese in the fridge and an… 241 palabras más


Day Five: Fury Road

You know that feeling when you’re sick where you feel like you’re underwater? But it’s not magical and wonderful like being a mermaid? It’s more like you’re Ariel right after she got legs? 750 palabras más


Chicken Quesadillas

Hey everyone! We all love Quesadillas. And what you can put in them is Limitless. Chicken? Steak? Tofu? Mushrooms? Hamburger Meat? Scrambled Eggs?!I will show you how simple it is to make these at home. 467 palabras más


Day Three: The Quesadilla-ing

This morning, I was supposed to go to my neighborhood’s fall festival, Apple Fest. My hood is best known for its beer, brats, and babies… 430 palabras más


Recipes: Steak Quesadillas

Tonight for dinner I made steak quesadillas. My Mother is a picky eater and I did not know whether or not she would like them. However, she loved them and actually had seconds. 343 palabras más

Barbecue Sauce