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Review: A Taste of Mexican Food at Hombre Cantina

Pictured above: Entrance to Hombre Cantina

Located along the row of shophouses that line the Singapore River, Hombre Cantina stands out as the only place with a chicken on its logo. 449 palabras más


Your Garden-Variety Dinner

Some of my fondest memories of my father are of our runs together. One day, a couple of years before he died, we stopped near the end of our run at a neighborhood produce stand. 188 palabras más

Healthful Eating

Rib city, Maginhawa

Located right next to BPI along Maginhawa is this new restaurant called Rib City. First of all before I start, I would like to complain about the location.  437 palabras más

The Hungry Ballerina

Chicken Fajita Quesadillas

The whole family loved these. That rarely happens at our house so when I say these are worth a try I mean it.


Healthy Eating


The other night I really didn’t feel like doing any serious cooking and upon looking in the fridge, realized that I had a couple containers of left over meat from earlier in the week.   336 palabras más

Domesticated Momster

Just Making It Up As I Go...

This quick lunch idea I simply created out of what was left in the refrigerator one day last week.  I had been wanting to implement more fermented foods into my diet, so had some left over sauerkraut among other things.   177 palabras más


Avocado Quesadillas

I’ve started a new lifestyle: following the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan. Over the past 4 months, I’ve lost allllmooooost 20 pounds. I’m so close! Then there are 15 more to lose after that. 226 palabras más