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The Willys Jeep (four wheel drive utility vehicle) was America’s military vehicle of choice during World War II. Within the Quindio Department in Columbia these mechanical mules are used to transport anything and everything. 28 palabras más


Cocora Valley

My first trip to the Valle de Cocora, or Cocora Valley, was with my boyfriend and his family on the back of his uncles jeep. Driving through the countryside I was really not expecting the mountains that opened up on either side, or the majestic wax  palm trees drifting in and out of the mist.   174 palabras más


Filandia, a Hidden Gem

Before travelling to Colombia many people told me to go to a small town called Salento. I found it all over blogs and travel guides, people seemed to love it, and rightly so. 457 palabras más



Lundi, eh oui, il n’y a pas qu’en France qu’il y a des ponts, nous avons continué notre tour dans l’eje cafetero et nous sommes allés visiter una finca (une ferme) sauf que là c’est une ferme sans animaux enfin juste un😜 à Santagueda. 308 palabras más


Salento - A Commercial Gem in the Colombian Coffee Region

Commercial and touristic, but still a gem. Hidden in a green valley near Pereira in the Colombian coffee district, Salento makes for a relaxed weekend with pool playing, reading in the hammock and a day hike in the Cocora valley. 170 palabras más


My 100 Days in Colombia!

Yesterday marked my 100th day in Colombia and like most people say, time flies if we enjoy doing something. For me, it doesn’t just fly, it flies like a North American X-15 jet! 1.382 palabras más


El Encanto de los Cafés de Armenia

El café de Colombia es famoso en el mundo. Tengo la suerte vivir en un departemento que produce mucho café. En Armenia, hay muchos cafés locales. 804 palabras más