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Salento and Las Palmas de Cera

After spending the day exploring the Hacienda Venecia finca and sampling some Colombian coffee, pretending to know whether the aromas were spicyearthy, or  824 palabras más


Horse back riding through the cloud forests: Valle De Cocora & Salento

Deep in the interior of Colombia, the coffee triangle, there is many an opportunity to be awestruck by this region’s natural beauty. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Valle De Cocora. 631 palabras más

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The Art of Coffee

I’m Colombian American. Born in the U.S., but I spent a good chuck of my childhood, and now adulthood, residing in the crowded, active metropolis of Bogotá, Colombia’s capital city. 519 palabras más


La Despedida

(My blog posts have gotten a little out of chronological order. I apologize.)

June was an exciting month. Not only was almost every weekend a puente (literally, this means bridge, but it refers to a 3-day weekend), but we also had 3 birthdays in a row – Claire’s on the 13th, mine on the 14th, and my roommate Donata’s on the 15th. 1.717 palabras más

Bad Haircuts in the Colombian Classroom

“Teacher! Teacher!” “Prof ay! Prof ay!” comes hollering at my from every angle accompanied by flailing hands up in the air. These hands are attached to 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students at Santa Teresa de Jesus in Armenia, Quindio, Colombia. 1.489 palabras más


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Panaca para. Quimbaya, Quindío, Colombia.

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