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DWBS 19: Lie

「Amazing!To be able to read it。」

「Oh well、I am good at memorizing words。」

Haruto had come to the library with Aisha。As a result of going to the library in his spare time for a month、Haruto was able to entirely remember the words of the desert people。 3.116 palabras más

DWBS 18: Desert People

「Now then, Roa。Answer me straightforwardly。Who is this person?」

Haruto listened as Roa, and the mysterious girl sat straight down。

「This is Aisha-san of the desert people。I met her in the middle of shopping……。We became friends。」 2.502 palabras más

Shi R-15+

ShiShiShiShiShiShiShiShiShi「死死死死死死死死死」, musik video terbaru dari mistress, dengan musik video berlabel R-15+. Agak bersesuaian dengan tahap tayangan video mistress ni, tak salah mereka mark video tu sebagai R-15+. 19 palabras más

R15 Shark Decal striping

R15 Shark Decal striping warna merah

R15 Shark Decal striping warna biru

R15 Shark Decal striping warna biru muda

R15 Shark Decal striping warna abu abu


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