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Would You Rather?

Would you rather be at Raccoon City, or Silent Hill? BY quickly looking over the question, anyone with former knowledge of both places would probably take that helicopter out of Raccoon City. 466 palabras más

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Plot Details Released

At this year’s film expo called cinema con, details on the upcoming and final Resident Evil film in the series called Resident Evil: The Final Chapter… 226 palabras más


Conquering Cosplay: Umbrella Corp. Denver / Tactical Cosplay Gear

This article is dedicated to the coolest of the cool things you can collect. This month isn’t really about something you can collect but of someone you can become. 615 palabras más

Denver Comic Con

Gaming worlds that would make terrible holiday destinations

On the flip side of our last article, there are gaming worlds that would make a terrible holiday destination, maybe it’s because they’re war-torn, full of dangerous animals/natives or maybe they are just your classic shit hole. 648 palabras más


Raccoon Ops

Finally found these online. More of my portrayal of Leon Kennedy for the Resident Evil series. These ones from Operation Raccoon City. Notice I’m not putting up the Leon death scenes.


The Name Game

Despite what people believe, there are a lot of benefits to playing video games. It’s mentality stimulating and often requires attention with the benefit of sharpening perception, memory and decision making. 481 palabras más