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'Game Character You Wish You Were'

I was originally going to go with the character I thought I was most like, but I’m pretty weird so I don’t think I’d find someone like me. 155 palabras más

Resident Evil (Bio Hazard)

Another great franchise I am a fan of. Resident Evil released on Playstation on March 22nd 1996, now it is strange that this is one of my favorite games as when this was released I was 6 years old and the prospects of zombies or mutants terrified me. 1.423 palabras más


Reel Geek Review-Resident Evil:The Final Chapter

A friend of mine told me recently that to be the ‘Reel Geek’ doesn’t just involve watching good movies,  so it was with that thought in mind that I subjected myself to seeing… 663 palabras más

John’s Horror Corner: Resident Evil (2002), Milla Jovovich versus viral zombies and mutant monsters.

MY CALL:  Still a pretty fun watch for fans of mindless action and some occasionally decent gore, balanced by some terrible CGI and a lame boss. 774 palabras más

John Leavengood

What Resident Evil 7 means to other game series

It’s finally here! A change. A major gaming company runs serious risks when creating a game but it’s a hell of a lot better to have more hits than misses, especially in game series. 407 palabras más



Official Teaser Trailer !

Wooh guys ! This looks so good ! The movie is scheduled for release in January 2017 :D


Would You Rather?

Would you rather be at Raccoon City, or Silent Hill? BY quickly looking over the question, anyone with former knowledge of both places would probably take that helicopter out of Raccoon City. 466 palabras más