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John’s Horror Corner: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016), bringing 15 years of Milla Jovovich’s zombie-slaying and clone confusion to a close.


MY CALL:  Not great. Kinda’ bad. Finally giving us some closure on the story.  Still entertaining to franchise fans.  MORE MOVIES LIKE Resident Evil:  … 1.014 palabras más

John Leavengood

John’s Horror Corner: Resident Evil: Retribution (2012), yup… more Milla Jovovich, more clone stuff, more mutant zombies, covering more of the planet.

MY CALL:  It’s not “great” and there are no “wow” moments, but this movie is a nonstop action sequence and I find it pretty entertaining…even if I probably won’t want to see it again for another 10 years. 908 palabras más

John Leavengood

'Game Character You Wish You Were'

I was originally going to go with the character I thought I was most like, but I’m pretty weird so I don’t think I’d find someone like me. 155 palabras más

Resident Evil (Bio Hazard)

Another great franchise I am a fan of. Resident Evil released on Playstation on March 22nd 1996, now it is strange that this is one of my favorite games as when this was released I was 6 years old and the prospects of zombies or mutants terrified me. 1.423 palabras más


Reel Geek Review-Resident Evil:The Final Chapter

A friend of mine told me recently that to be the ‘Reel Geek’ doesn’t just involve watching good movies,  so it was with that thought in mind that I subjected myself to seeing… 663 palabras más


John’s Horror Corner: Resident Evil (2002), Milla Jovovich versus viral zombies and mutant monsters.

MY CALL:  Still a pretty fun watch for fans of mindless action and some occasionally decent gore, balanced by some terrible CGI and a lame boss. 774 palabras más

John Leavengood

What Resident Evil 7 means to other game series

It’s finally here! A change. A major gaming company runs serious risks when creating a game but it’s a hell of a lot better to have more hits than misses, especially in game series. 407 palabras más