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Crisis Catalunya

As a Yorkshireman, I can often be heard joking about independence for my native land. And why not? The economy is bigger than a number of EU states. 1.029 palabras más


On Catalonian independence - 3

As the Catalonia crisis evolves, the vindictive actions of the Spanish government toward the leaders of the independence movement become ever more reminiscent — mutatis mutandis — 266 palabras más


La fuente del odio

Sigo estupefacto la espiral de odio y despropósitos que se suceden en España y Cataluña. William Shakespeare decía que “si las masas pueden amar sin saber por qué, también pueden odiar sin ningún fundamento”. 367 palabras más

Politics and jail

The news this week is certainly attention grabbing. For my money, I suspect the most interest will fall on the indictment of Paul Manafort. I have read the indictments, and it is clear that while some of them are probably there for lawyer talk, there are two really serious ones. 833 palabras más


Les erreurs de Puigdemont (organiser un référendum sauvage) et Rajoy (envoyer la police) ont conduit à une escalade dont on espère qu’elle se finira sans drame. 130 palabras más


Catalonia : An end to the crisis ?

The president of Catalonia has been giving a press conference earlier today, in which he declared that he agrees with the conduct of the 21st of December’s election as it was decided by Madrid last Friday. 184 palabras más