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Street Scenes in the Month of Ramadan

This set of photos is from the time after I returned from my visit to Bogra. It was the Muslim month of Ramadan, which was interesting to learn about as I lived in Bangladesh surrounded by Muslims. 69 palabras más

YADI Cares For The Orphans!

“I and the one who sponsors an orphan will be in Paradise like these two”  (with his forefinger and middle finger, holding them apart). Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) (Al-Bukhaari, 5304.) 9 palabras más


YADI Ramadan Charity (Vol 2) at Ibnul Abass center for students and orphans.

The Youths in Action for the Development of Islam (YADI) on Sunday 19th June provided food assistance to Orphans at Ibnul Abass Orphanage Center located at deep eye water, Freetown-Sierra leone. 218 palabras más


Condition Your Hearts

Ibn Rajab (rh) said a person who conditions their heart, this will accelerate their relationship with Allah far more than a lot of optional acts of worship. 36 palabras más


YADI Ramadan Charity (Vol 1) at tokeh and York, Sierra Leone

Date: Friday July 3rd 2015

STORY: Tokeh and York are two community villages that are located at the out sketch of Freetown.The people in those communities are not financially strong and also the practicing of Islam is very weak. 97 palabras más