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First, Kaepernick.  Don’t have much to add here.  My father, uncles, cousins, good friends are all veterans so I’ve always stood for the national anthem out of respect for them.   445 palabras más


Ramadan Mubarak Sugar Cookies

Vanilla-flavored sugar cookies with royal icing decorations.

Surah 2:178-193: the common law of the Qur'an begins

The next section begins Surah 2’s Islamic nation-building theme in earnest. Many religious books contain laws, such as kosher laws and general prohibitions on murder and theft and the life, but the Qur’an goes to a level of detail and “practicality” far beyond the Bible. 2.435 palabras más

Jefferson Qur'an

projekt041425: Lisbon, where the trip ends.

After 23 days, finally I am close to home!
Sort of.

From Faro, I took a late evening train to Lisbon. The view from the train was spectacular, particularly upon arriving in Lisbon from Ponte 25 Abril. 1.056 palabras más


The joy of water

“Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all”. – Nelson Mandela

Did you know that the human body and a living tree contain around the same percentage of water (75%) ?.

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projekt041425: Faro, where I (literally!) slept by the beach.

Yeay the laptop’s finally fixed!

As I was saying, I bid goodbye to Othman, and proceeded to check out the Alcazar by myself. After that, it’s off to Portugal for the final country for this trip! 735 palabras más


Quiet June

The holy month of Ramadan started on June 6th just after we returned from France.  The infamous summer weather was living up to its reputation.  I spent about 2 weeks in the desert for work so Rebecca kept busy watching the UEFA Euro 2016 football tournament, doing yoga, and getting together with friends.  77 palabras más

United Arab Emirates