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Love For Fasting

By: Sundus Ikram

I see them lighting up the street, I see them preparing delicacies, I see them buying new clothes, I see them changing the curtains and carpets and I think to myself, is that all this beautiful month deserves? 1.073 palabras más


15 Things Muslims in the West Encounter During Ramadan

Originally published on Scoop Empire July 3, 2014

For all the Muslims who don’t live in the Middle East, fasting and partaking in the Holy Month usually confuses plenty people. 235 palabras más


Blogging Daily During Ramadan : Day 3

I am seriously considering to change the name of this series. I mean , having 5 posts up by the 20th of Ramadan is definitely not ” Blogging Daily during Ramadan” !I am currently working on two other posts. 124 palabras más

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Blogging Daily during Ramadan :Day 2

She was hugging her  legs,
Using her kneecaps as a pillow ;
People say; “for money she begs,
She is only here to make the green mellow.No one sees her tired eyes: 76 palabras más

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Blogging Daily during Ramadan : Day 1

“What ? Ramadan is tomorrow?”

Younger sister: “Yes !”

“So tonight we are going to have sohoor * السحور instead of dinner?”

Y.sister: “Yup!”

I jump in joy , and she simply laughs. 405 palabras más

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Introduction to: Blogging daily during Ramadan

Hello everyone! My name is Ayah,and I am so excited to share with all of you my daily activities during this Holy Month .

What is Ramadan? 183 palabras más

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The Famous Month of Ramadhan by Bridget, Tunisia

Its name is Ramadhane, its classification is holy, its values are sacred, and its memories last a lifetime.
I am talking about the month during which all Muslims fast from dawn to sunset. 835 palabras más