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Ramadan Log DAY 17: In Celebration

As I listen to my neighbors light firework after firework, I have to remind myself that this is a holiday. Yes, they have been lighting fireworks and firecrackers seemingly since Fajr this morning right outside my window, but every time I feel that wave of irritation at the disruptive noise, I have to stop and remember how indescribably… 743 palabras más


#Ramadan1436AH Day 18: The Grand Plan

Here’s something interesting.

Yusuf (as) had a dream about celestial bodies which he understood to be his brothers bowing before him, to which his father advised him not to inform his brothers. 505 palabras más


Celebrating (Surviving) Ramadan Day 17!!


Oh it is Independence Day here in the United States and many people here are celebrating! I, on the other hand am not. 483 palabras más


The Iranian Regime Speaks With A Bifurcated Tongue

While We are “Negotiating” With Iran, The Destructive Rhetoric of Ayatollah Khamenei Continues 

Beautiful words of peace and love fall from one side.  Then out of the other side, words of hostility spew.   1.231 palabras más

The Overnight Promise 

As I’m one of a nocturnal creature. Adoring the night time, letting my thoughts confront me while everyone’s asleep. Mostly I can just lay down, eat and watch Netflix without no one calling my name to do chores. 296 palabras más


I am grateful to Allah! (DAY 17!)

Whilst at work today, I was talking to my sister or even teaching her about being thankful to Allah. I hinted towards her in a way which wasn’t too leading but I was just wondering whether she had thanked Allah for blessing her with the food that we receive during iftar and sehri. 758 palabras más