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Capire il comportamento dei bambini piccoli

I neonati crescono e diventano bambini attivi ed energetici, che amano arrampicarsi in braccio e sulle spalle degli adulti e far baruffa.

È noto che il Profeta ﷺ non solo permettesse ai bambini di quest’età di entrare nella sua moschea durante le preghiere comunitarie, ma tollerasse anche le loro forme di ribellione e confusione durante la preghiera, anche se potessero causare rumore o disturbo. 218 palabras más

Educazione Religiosa

Seeking Allah’s Forgiveness- Stories of Heresy (Part III).

Perhaps in an attempt to prove to me that religion was not “outdated” or “backwards” he pretended that his faith was as secular as my atheism. 968 palabras más


{Cross-post, Archive} This is not what I was going to write

Originally posted on my previous blog on 06.18.15

I had a whole different post in mind for the first night of Ramadan.

I don’t know exactly what I was going to say, but it was going to be a happy post. 913 palabras más


(Not) Eating for two: Fasting and educational attainment

Recent news regarding the possibility of moving the dates on which core GCSE exams are held forward so as to avoid Ramadan has highlighted the impact that fasting and nutrition can have on exam results and educational attainment. 630 palabras más


Ankara, Turkey

I flew from Moscow to Istanbul and arrived around 10 pm, until my ride picked me up at 11 pm and we headed straight to the bus station for a one-way ticket to Ankara (I was planning to start an internship program in Digital Media the next morning) 1.297 palabras más


Bread Vegetable Uttapam

Ingredients (Serves 3) :
Bread: 4-5 pieces,
Thick yogurt/ curd: ½ cup,
Coarse rava/ sooji/semolina: ½ cup,
All purpose flour/ maida: 2 tbsp,
Water: ½ cup, 211 palabras más

30 Mins Or Under

Scharia für Schulen ?


Das Muslim Council of Britain ist eine der stärksten Organisationen der Muslimbruderschaft in Europa. Der Verband zielt darauf ab, das öffentliche Leben und das Unterrichtssystem in Großbritannien weitestgehend in Richtung des von der Muslimbruderschaft vertretenen politischen Islam umzuändern. 273 palabras más