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Ramadan Challenge: Chapter #11 – Rewards

“Nor do they spend an expenditure, small or large, or cross a valley but that it is registered for them that Allah may reward them for the best of what they were doing.” 70 palabras más


Ramadan Dia Lebih Hebat

Bismillah. Ada orang-orang yang Ramadannya lebih hebat dari kita. Puasanya, salatnya, ngajinya zakatnya. Ibadah Ramadannya luar biasa. 41 palabras más

Catatan Ramadan

Ramadaan Series {Day 12} - Praying Qiyaam in Ramadaan

Sheikh Ibn Jibreen (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

Praying qiyaam in Ramadan is attained by praying part of the night, such as half of it or one third of it, whether that is by praying eleven rak‘ahs or twenty-three. 79 palabras más


Ramadan Challenge: Chapter #9 – Quran

“So when the Qur’an is recited, then listen to it and pay attention that you may receive mercy.”

I can’t help but pick this verse every time I read this chapter. 69 palabras más


In respect of Ramadan, a Dua/supplication or prayer for freedom from greed, envy...

O God free me/us free from envy, greed, inflated ego, selfishness, false pride and from bearing resentment and hate. May God fill our heart  with humility, gratitude, compassion, generosity, Knowledge, forgiveness, sense of fairness and justice, truth and other virtues.

~ Dua ~

May Allah be with us at every step we take,
May Allah guide us in each decision we make,
May Allah help us when life gets rough, 42 palabras más


The tenth day of the series has a new entrant in one Ms Maryam, a literature student and budding vocalist based in Delhi. That makes the four of us and we move towards Kozhikode Puthiya Palli at West Nadakkave. 257 palabras más