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Chavela Vargas

If you’re going to suffer, sing about it. This is what Mexican rancheras have taught me.  And no one respected this philosophy more than Chavela Vargas. 577 palabras más

Frida Kahlo

Rancheras - The topics of rancheras improve singing live videos.

The topics of rancheras improve singing live videos.

An ideal way to listen to the best songs of ranchera music apps, the best exponent of this great genre singing songs of all time… 12 palabras más

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Chicanos and California - Mexico

I was born and raised in San Diego and because the Mexican border was so close, I was introduced to Mexican culture right away. Mexico is in between the United States and Central America. 272 palabras más

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The Music & Words Award

Good morning, fellow bloggers :)

My good friend, Lisa at Life of an El Paso Woman has nominated me for a new and cool award :) Thank you so much, sweetness!!! 271 palabras más