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Pete Rock Live in Barcelona

Razzmatazz Sala 2, 26th November 2013.
As the boom-bap tones of local support act Herida Abierta begin to fade out, crowds of bodies dressed in baggy jeans, flat peak hats and high-top trainers begin to shuffle their way in. 602 palabras más


Some of infinite doubts

Hi guys.

It’s almost midnight and I wanted to go to bed early, but I can’t sleep. I have some stuff to spit out.

Another weekend is over and it was pretty great! 1.176 palabras más



In response to Jennifer’ s Color your world challenge with the 83th color – Razzmatazz.

The Color your World challenge will run January through April, for 120 days, with a new Crayola color topic posting each day so it will be somewhat challenging but a great fun as well.


Colour Your World: Razzmatazz

There seem to be at least 50 shades of pink existing. The only razzmatazz  I know is a style of jazz sung by one of my favorite singers and pianist: Paolo Conte who I once saw in a live concert in Bern, Switzerland… 22 palabras más


Razzmatazz in Frankfurt

Hex colour ref:  #e3256b

A colourful note:  the razzmatazz Crayola shade appeared in 1992 as an anonymous crayon to be named in the 1992 competition.  It was officially given its jazzy name in 1993, thanks to the 5½ year old winner, Laura Bartolomei-Hill.

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