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I'm in love with Barcelona <3

First of all: I am so sorry that I couldn’t post this earlier guys, but I was quite busy the last few weeks. I have been reading my books for my bachelor thesis like crazy, and now, I only have 2 left. 1.837 palabras más


Illustrations of the worlds best nightclubs..

From Berghain to Razzmatazz, Fabric to La Machine, Spanish graphic designer Pablo Benito has created an illustrated homage to his favourite nightclubs around the world. 360 palabras más



I’d been to Barcelona a few years ago, and I didn’t love it. The hostel I stayed at had no English speakers, and I thought I’d be fine with that – you can meet people all over the place when you’re travelling. 2.973 palabras más


Tired of the rainy days, you bring me sunshine

Hi guys!

It was a long and really great week ;)

I’m trying to remind myself all the things I’ve done but sometimes Monday seems to be years ago :) I was dancing a lot this week, starting from bachata classes on Tuesday and finishing on big Friday’s party. 1.128 palabras más


Razzmatazz turns 14

Razzmatazz know how to celebrate their birthday. With a two-month long party currently in full swing, they make Kate Moss look like a lightweight. This year’s live program is bursting with acts, both fledgling and established, who go a long way to proving the venue’s intentions – a sort of musical mission statement.

What´s On In Barcelona

November 17th - Razzmatazz

Razzmatazz – n 1: a confusing or colorful often gaudy action or display: razzle-dazzle 2: inflated, involved, and often deliberately ambiguous language

Uncle Fred glared at me. 264 palabras más

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