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The YouTube Files - The Exuberant World Of Fuzzbox.

After looking back at the careers of Danielle Dax and Strawberry Switchblade, I thought to myself are there any more women with strange-coloured hair who made terrifically quirky records in the 1980s… and there are!  1.225 palabras más



Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day for October 15, 2017 is:

razzmatazz • \raz-muh-TAZ\ • noun

1 : a confusing or colorful often gaudy action or display… 200 palabras más


Mount Kimbie in Barcelona

The British duo is back to the city on Nov 22 to present the album “Love What Survives,” released the first week of September through Warp. 860 palabras más



Que C. Tangana está empezando a despuntar y a hacerse cada vez más conocido abarcando un público mucho más amplio del que estaba acostumbrado, no es ninguna novedad. 454 palabras más


Interpol turn on the bright lights again

The New Yorkers are back in Barcelona with their dark guitar sounds to celebrate the 15th anniversary since the release of their first album, ‘Turn on the Bright Lights’ (2002), which they’ll be playing tonight in its entirety. 6 palabras más


5 Phenomenal Pop Culture Merchandise Websites To Check Out

As comic fans, we’re always looking to get the latest graphic novels or memorabilia. The pop culture merchandise industry is diverse, offering clothes, jewellery, mugs and just about anything else you can think of. 436 palabras más


Enormes Foster the People en Razzmatazz

Lo mejor de ir a un concierto sin expectativas (y sin haber investigado para nada el directo del grupo en cuestión) es que te puedes llevar una sorpresa. 654 palabras más

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