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TiVo, RCN and the Great Tech Debacle

I just learned that I can follow Tabatha from “Bewitched” on Twitter. Well, the actress who played Tabatha, yes I know Tabatha was fictional.

Probably. 407 palabras más

Week 34: Poetry with nurses

There is a side to nursing that I love: the art of nursing. Without sounding too pretentious I hope. It goes beyond the clinical skills, physical examinations and paperwork. 315 palabras más

Action to eliminate health inequalities | RCNi

Team galvanises fellow students to improve experience of people with learning disabilities

Source: Action to eliminate health inequalities | RCNi


Mark Collins - Sticker Shock for RCN: Aussies Getting Supply Ships for Quarter of What We're Paying

That’s because the Royal Australian Navy’s ships will be built in Spain whilst ours are to be built in Canada (see “Non-Combat Vessels for Coast Guard, RCN: The Curse of Seaspan V… 18 palabras más

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Mark Collins - Non-Combat Vessels for Coast Guard, RCN: The Curse of the Seaspan Vancouver

Further to these posts, Seaspan Building Joint Support Ships for RCN: No Smooth Sailing Canadian Coast Guard Going Down we now learn of some significant federal largess… 20 palabras más

Canadian Politics

Why we must back Nursing Scotland's Future

I spoke at two hustings organised by the Royal College of Nurses – one in Aberdeen and one in Dundee. In both, I pledged by support for their… 555 palabras más

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