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Welsh nurse of the year - a humbling and positive look at the NHS at last

Incredible night already very glamorous for nurse of the year @RCNWales

— Rachel Flint (@DailyPostRachel) November 19, 2015

This week I attended an event which was like a breath of fresh air.

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Why junior doctors are striking

Onkar Sahota

 Jeremy Hunt has taken his own electoral rhetoric and confused it for a policy.

The junior doctor dispute has escalated. 98 per cent voted yesterday… 512 palabras más


Self-Discovery in Practice: Self-Care

Spending time on the east coast with my friends – and at Thanksgiving next week, my family – has been refreshing. I’ve worked on finding a balance between keeping myself busy and sleeping in until noon just because I can. 375 palabras más


Universality of Care

Of all the various injuries or conditions that a Canadian Forces member might suffer as a result of their service, it is the chronic conditions that are most difficult to directly attribute to military service. 542 palabras más

Canadian Forces