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The voice of nursing is loud and clear

Guest Blog from the Royal College of Nursing

As we approach the General Election few issues are provoking more debate than the future of the NHS. 916 palabras más

Cashew Market Report - April 5, 2015

After a very quiet Jan/Feb, there was reasonable activity in Cashew Market during March 2015. Most of the business was for shipments upto May/Jun but some business was done for shipments in second half of 2015. 707 palabras más

A Canadian way for the RCN to move cargo to the beach.

One of the challenges facing any disaster relief response by naval forces is the question of how to land the tons of supplies and materiel so desperately needed on shore when harbour facilities are destroyed, damaged or simply nonexistent. 537 palabras más

Canadian Forces

New NMC Code

The Nursing and Midwifery Council

The revised Code

Effective 31 March 2015

The Code has been updated to reflect changes in contemporary professional nursing and midwifery practice and to reflect the public expectations of care. 50 palabras más


Too much Ocean, not enough Gas Stations

The well publicized engine room fire of HMCS Protecteur provides a graphic illustration of the predicament facing Canada’s Navy with only 2 AOR’s available to the fleet. 2.139 palabras más

Canadian Forces

'Influencing' Naval Perceptions

The Royal Canadian Navy suffers from recruiting and ‘visibility’ problems that are rooted in geographical seperation from the majority of the Canadian populace. Unlike the Army and Air Force, who both have bases scattered across Canada, the Navy is currently limited to two primary bases at Halifax and Esquimalt. 425 palabras más

Canadian Forces

Technology and Politics - Canadian Ballistic Missile Defence

In 2005 when Canada declined to participate in the US-led Ballistic Missile Defence program there were a number of contributing factors. Concerns over the possibility of the program starting a new arms race, dilution of the already stressed Canadian Forces budget and an inherent feeling among Canadians that working toward peaceful solutions was preferable to technological solutions. 818 palabras más