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Does Canada have a plan for rebuilding the military?

With Canada’s allies, including some of our closest friends, telling us the World needs more Canada we have to ask ourselves, Is there a plan to achieve this? 809 palabras más

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CNN Mistakenly Broadcasts Porn During A Late-Night TV Show.

CNN and RCN has reportedly denied that viewers in Boston were mistakenly treated to a pornographic video instead of the scheduled late-night TV show. The news outlet says it is investigating the rumored Thanksgiving night mishap. 356 palabras más

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CNN, RCN Deny Reports of Porn Airing on Channel in Boston

This story was updated at 2:07 p.m. PT and again at 2:35 p.m. PT to reflect new information; see correction below.

CNN and cable operator RCN are denying reports that 30 minutes of pornography aired on the channel designated for CNN in the Boston area on Thursday night. 329 palabras más


Mark Collins - US Navy's Seawolf Nuclear Attack Subs (SSN) and the Arctic

One wonders how much our government knows of these activities–note link at end of the post: An American Submarine Just Slipped Under the Arctic Ice USS ‘Seawolf’’s missions and technology are… 14 palabras más

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Canada’s Submarines: Replace or Abandon for the Silent Service?

In all the discussion concerning the current recapitalization of Canada’s military, there has been a virtual silence concerning the Royal Canadian Navy’s submarine capability. Silence, that is, from the government of the day. 827 palabras más

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Mark Collins - Irving Working with BAE Systems: Implications for RCN Canadian Surface Combatant?

Further to this post, RFP Finally Issued for RCN Canadian Surface Combatant: “eye-watering” Details Wanted there is something of a fishy smell to the collaboration below in terms of the CSC competi… 14 palabras más

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