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Do You Play Bible Roulette?

The Bible is full of contradictions!

That probably ranks up there with one of the most common charges against the Christian faith. Those who follow Christianity are deemed to be soft in the head because they follow an “ancient book” that is filled with “errors.” 1.042 palabras más

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Why Do Preachers Think They can Make Stuff Up?

For a while I thought Franklin Graham was a more stalwart Christian than his father. He seemed to be unafraid of pointing out the gross errors of Islam instead of his father’s attempts to say Muslims worshipped God, just by a different name. 206 palabras más

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Does God Do Bad Things?

A lot of people like to separate God from the horrible things we see in this world. We reject that God would ever do anything hurtful. 1.591 palabras más

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Was Jesus Crucified on Good Friday?

Unless you live under a rock, you’re probably aware that yesterday was “Good Friday.” If you’re that far along, you might have an inkling that it has to do with the “Holy Week” or the days leading up to Easter, when we celebrate egg-laying rabbits. 1.496 palabras más

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Watch "There are Many Deceived Church Goers - Paul Washer" on YouTube

I’d note that all “church goers” are deceived. The true church, the ekklesia of Christ, is not deceived. They hear His voice and follow.

I’d like to point out, too that any so-called pastor who doesn’t obey the Lord in declaring the gospel is to be accursed (Paul’s words in Galatians, not mine). 10 palabras más

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Is The Shack Even A Christian Movie?

I applaud anyone who sets out to write a book. Particularly fiction. It’s hard work. When someone takes on the task of self-publishing, it’s an even bigger job, and my hat tips to them. 646 palabras más

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What Does The Bible Mean By 'Speaking in Tongues?'

Chances are you know someone who ‘speaks in tongues.’ If you run in a church crowd or have friends who do, you most certainly know someone. 523 palabras más