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21 February 2018

21 February 2018

  • The 25 largest capitalised Real Estate stocks that reported more than 80% of their revenue to Singapore based on Annual Reports, maintain an average market cap of S$3.0 billion, ranging from S$7.5 billion for Ascendas REIT to S$718 million for Hong Fok Corp.

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Dividing Liquid Droplets as Protocells

Original paper: Growth and division of active droplets provides a model for protocells

In the beginning there was… what, exactly? Uncovering the origins of life is a notoriously difficult problem. 1.458 palabras más


7 Amazing Foods to enhance your Sex Life

There might not be any magic potion to boost your sex life but having the right food can certainly help put some sizzle back into your life. 823 palabras más


New EX Raid invites sent out for February 26, possible player selection criteria tweaks observed








a new wave of EX Raid invites has been sent out, targeting an EX Raid next monday, on February 26 2018. 383 palabras más


This article is intended to demonstrate the use of Dependency injection in core. How easily we can achieve DI in core application. 

I am assuming you guys have a good understanding of dependency injections and why it is useful in the enterprise applications.  252 palabras más


Tips to Stay Healthy During Festivals

Whenever festivals are celebrated around the world, they are generally associated with grand festivities, holidays and day of celebrations. Festivals also mean one more thing, lots and lots of food. 876 palabras más

Everyday Makeup Using Products under 500!

I had a lot of free time this past weekend. The original plan was to shoot some content for the blog but ya girl got lazy and no one is free to be the photographer :( Boredom lead me to filming a video for my almost dying youtube channel. 51 palabras más