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Meditations on Grief: Tell-Tale Tears

Tears of grief. Tears of joy. Chemically, they are identical.

And yet, there are essentially three different types: basal, lubricating, protecting and hydrating the cornea; reflex, responding to dust, irritants and allergens, and psychic, triggered by our strongest strong emotions. 391 palabras más

This has been a crazy tough year for me, overwhelming and trying. I’ve risen and grown and I’ve cannonballed to the bottom. I’ve soul searched and made terrible choices. 247 palabras más

Being talked down off the ledge

Phew. Yeah. That was an intense wee time.

I’m still a bit manic and fizzy, but have had a friend to talk my down off the ledge. 263 palabras más


Gratitude Project, day 85

Today I am grateful that I have only 2 days/3 treatments left and that I still feel, more or less, ok. Fatigued? Yes. Irritated skin? Yes. 57 palabras más

A Faith in Recovery | Discretion

Last time, I compared myself to a man lost at sea. For years, my heart drifted away from God and others—never resting, rarely trusting. It was time for me to stop playing it safe, to come ashore and be more vulnerable with God and others. 816 palabras más


That’s my cleandate. So that means I have 10 years clean and sober today. It’s been a long road and I’m just getting used to the street signs so I’m staying on it. 92 palabras más

On loneliness

TED Talker and licensed psychologist Dr Guy Winch talks about loneliness in this short podcast Everybody Blurts.

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I was stunned to hear him acknowledging that loneliness can shorten your life. 136 palabras más