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Do you support the ability for people to consume cannabis on private property?

I support the freedom to consume cannabis in your home or at a licensed premesis.



This piece of poetry was written after studying the novel Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell (1848). We had to write a creative piece using words we’d had to look up because we didn’t know the meaning of them. 197 palabras más


Do you support restricted access to cannabis?

I support the ability to purchase cannabis from licensed outlets.


UFC Champion Isreal Adesanya Boasted: Taking Marijuana Is Better Than Liquor

The World UFC middleweight Champion, Isreal Adesanya does not mince words when it comes to marijuana.

“Everyone knows I smoke,” Adesanya tells Newshub. “Everyone knows I partake in the plant.” 263 palabras más

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Cummings to grips with reality

The problem is that in Politics, there will always be someone ready to blow a rasperry. That is partly what is happening to Cummings, and it is amazing that he has lasted so long. 1.187 palabras más

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