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Is global warming fact or fiction?

Ice age

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This article is about a generic geological period of temperature reduction. For the most recent glacial period commonly referred to as the Ice Age, see… 408 palabras más


I walk beyond the fatal shore

to see what gaze can bring

and dance like a disciple

rescued by the leader’s ring

will he answer… 131 palabras más

Fiction & Poetry

What is the role of religion in our life ?

Our ancestors were very intelligent and as they had more time to introspect as compare to our modern daily routine , I guess the concept they thought has been distilled over time. 632 palabras más

English Literature

I’ve spent most of 2018 reflecting on my use of media and what sort of goals, if any, I should establish for myself for this year, or the next. 146 palabras más


Пророческие Имена

Кто из нас не хотел бы заглянуть в будущее?

Пророки, гадалки, ясновидящие, астрологи. Известные имена, личности, календари, гороскопы, непонятный и неразгаданный календарь Майя, Нострадамус. Величайшие пророки Библии Даниил, Иезекииль, Иоан и его книга Апокалипсис будоражит человеческие умы уже 2000 лет.


Reading - A Valuable Command From God to Mankind

Educators should be wise and responsible and underscored the critical role of a religious educator. To be such an educator, one has to comprehend the basis of the philosophy of “ 808 palabras más