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C. S. Lewis on Theology: "You Need a Map"

Excerpt from Mere Christianity (pp. 153-155) by C. S. Lewis:

Everyone has warned me not to tell you what I am going to tell you in this last book. 696 palabras más

No ONE Way

There is no ONE way.

If someone tries to tell you you have to believe in God or you will end up in hell, this is not true. 157 palabras más



by Ron Steelman
June 19, 2018

(Photo from

I happened to see an article in Time magazine about the untimely deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. 537 palabras más


Arrival in Kuching: first impressions

The Scoot flight from Singapore to Kuching landed a little after 9 pm on a Monday night. The money exchange bureau at the airport was closed  but a taxi driver accepted Singaporean dollars. 515 palabras más

The Gospel Call Conversion

Express Yourself Here!

In closing the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus call people to conversion.  It is not enough to talk the talk; you must also walk the walk.  118 palabras más

Medieval margins.

So I recently read an article on Medieval marginalia and it gave me so much joy I had to compile a list of my favourite ones! 484 palabras más

Daily inspiration

Whatever spiritual qualities a person acquires in the world remain with him or her after death.”

Emanuel Swedenborg, Heaven and Hell 349