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The Old New Atheism

Back in February (The Old New Atheism, February 1), I referenced a review of the book The Four Horsemen. Daniel Soar takes a look at it in the… 35 palabras más


Are You Really Ready For Marriage? S.O.L.I.D Talk Live

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Christian Heritage International Family

Nihilism, Video Games, and the Art of Aesthetical Immersion: Or Why "Life is Strange" Was an Amazing Game

Later this year, my contribution to an anthology on pedagogy dealing with narrative and persona immersion in religion should be published. Drawing on St. Augustine, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, and Walter Ong, I was arguing that the special relationship between religion, orality, and the synthetic relationship between the monomyth to the human psyche, will ensure the pedagogical vitality of religion in the 21st century. 2.963 palabras más


Long Live The European Union!

Yesterday, when I was watching TV, I saw on CNN a news which said that anti-Brexit supporters have taken out a march in London demanding a referundum again on Brexit. 239 palabras más

Devil's Advocate

Was für ein Christ bist du?

Als Kind Gottes und eines Christen erwartet Gott, dass Sie mit Erlösung, Ehre, Gerechtigkeit und Demut bekleidet sind.

In 1. Timotheus 3: 7 wird gesagt, dass es vor allem bei Ungläubigen einen guten Bericht gibt. 48 palabras más