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জীবনের উদেশ্য খুঁজে বেড়াই? পার্ট ১

কখনো খেয়াল করেছেন?

কোনো গ্রূপ ছবি দেখলেই সবার আগে চোখ কাকে খোঁজে বেড়ায়? – নিজের ছবিকে…

কেউ বকা দিলে মন সবার আগে কোন প্রশ্নটি করে? – আমাকেই কেন সবাই বকাবকি করে? 712 palabras más


Faith (to Bean)

In life

We tend

To believe

In things

Objects people

Dogmas and

Relics things

That we

Point at

Things present

Things malleable

Yet it’s

The invisibility… 26 palabras más


Manhood and the Need to Believe

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

Religion and politics: two topics that I’m avoiding like the plague. Because let’s be honest, these two caused more divide than solidarity. 731 palabras más



Much like what happens with individuals, a country that ignores or rejects God suffers the consequences of that choice.

If a nation has drifted from the Lord, then even when leaders consider themselves advanced and intellectual, their thinking nevertheless becomes darkened. 134 palabras más


The Conceit of Teacherhood

The Conceit of Teacherhood

The Conceit of Teacherhood. What is it ?..put indirectly – its corollary fulfils the observation “you cannot give what you do not have… 1.044 palabras más

Life without problems, a wish or a myth!

Life is not a bed of roses’ we not only read it somewhere in our text books but have experienced on some stages or phases of our lives. 542 palabras más


Happy 4th of July!

R-Rated Religion would like to wish everyone a blessed 4th of July. Take the time today to get off social media, fellowship with your family, and give tribute to the United States of America. 124 palabras más