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Catch 2020

You cannot close a society to save the old, then vote to starve the young. The tories have failed this country.


Remarks on marks.

This scar marks the place where you were. This wound marks the place where you are.

Take a leap

Run to where your dreams take wing

Where your true feelings take flight

And let your feelings be carried

Carried by the melody of the wind… 55 palabras más


Board game taxonomies

I am a huge fan of board games, as I am sure my readers have realised. So today, I would like to introduce a simple taxonomy. 478 palabras más


September 22 is Hobbit Day

Back in 2013, I posted about a fascinating study from the University of Bristol, describing some climate modelling of Tolkien’s Middle-earth. The… 170 palabras más


Enjoy your stay

Who doesn’t like a good beverage? Whether that be soda, sports drinks, or even water, drinks have become staple in our everyday lives. Some people can’t go throughout their days without a good cup of coffee to get them started. 433 palabras más


Malaysia, Truly Asia? Opening Remarks by Alan Doss

Speaker, Messrs Chairmen, Excellences, ladies and gentlemen and colleagues.

When the Kofi Annan Foundation first mooted the possibility of organising a conference in Kuala Lumpur on democracy in Southeast Asia some of our international interlocutors were rather sceptical. 703 palabras más