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Dream of Enlightenment by Anthony Gottlieb

Unlike his 2000 volume, Dream of Reason, I don’t have an easy reference for this book.  Peter Adamson‘s Without Any Gaps podcast hasn’t got this far yet.  279 palabras más


In which Chad, hater of Fake News, ceases to exist

I’m Chad. I don’t exist.

I guess in the Cartesian sense of existence, yeah sure, I exist. I have thoughts, but I have no body and I’m nowhere. 507 palabras más


"The only thing we have power over in the universe is our own thoughts."

“The only thing we have power over in the universe is our own thoughts.”

Rene Descartes, French, philosopher, scientist, mathematician


The Explanation of Knowledge and the Act of Knowing

Everything has an explanation.

Contingent things have explanations independent of themselves. God is His own “explanation” because He is necessary Being. An explanation is that which accounts for the existence of something or the description of the precondition(s) for a particular state of affairs. 711 palabras más


Chapter 27: A deliberate inaction is better than a blind action

Look before you leap

yī dòng bù rú yí jìng

Chapter 25 (“A drop of sweat spent in a drill is a drop of blood saved in a battle”) empha­sises the desirability of pre-material sex and the importance of testing out a lover before tying the knot. 735 palabras más



I decided to write about something that has been on my heart lately…no idea why…but here it is:

What would it be like to know…everything…that was knowable. 1.270 palabras más


Materialism, Dualism, Plato, Aristotle, Descartes & Aquinas

Year 13 Philosophy Zoom Call on Materialism, Dualism, Plato, Aristotle, Descartes & Aquinas.

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