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Embracing Uncertainty

In many ways, I am a creature of habit. I like knowing what is going to happen next and I don’t easily deal well with change. 1.359 palabras más

Quote of the Day

In order to seek truth, it is necessary once in the course of our life, to doubt, as far as possible, of all things.

—René Descartes


The Summer 2017 Mathematics A To Z: X

We come now almost to the end of the Summer 2017 A To Z. Possibly also the end of all these A To Z sequences. … 2.068 palabras más


Descartes Meditations - Map to the Cogito

One of the great things about Descartes Meditations is that reading them is like following Descartes train of thought as he figured it all out. Each point is built upon the previous one. 109 palabras más

Higher Philosophy

Descartes' Meditations, 1/3

In this post, I intend to explain Rene Descartes’ Meditations. It is one of the most important and influential books in the history of philosophy, so deserves to be understood. 1.227 palabras más



Hi Everyone,

Today we started with the quote “I think, therefore I am” said by Rene Descartes, a French mathematician, scientist and philosopher, in 1637.  438 palabras más

11 Quotes From “How Great Is Our God”

Scholars, tradesmen, politicians, theologians, pastors, and martyrs—all have spoken or written about the greatness of God over the past two millennia. In How Great Is Our God we are treated to a sampling of these writings. 744 palabras más