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Transcendence (Loxodromes I)

The art of map making took a giant leap in 1569, when Mercator created his first world map. Precise navigation had become an important problem. Seafarers not only had no GPS, they didn’t even have accurate clocks that would allow them to determine their longitude. 477 palabras más

May 18

IF love is not worth loving, then life is not worth living,
Nor aught is worth remembering but well forgot;
For store is not worth storing and gifts are not worth giving,

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"A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge" by George Berkeley

The Meaning of Reality

I was taught from a very young age that reality is what exists independently of human perception and knowledge, and we gain knowledge of reality if and only if our ideas correspond to it. 727 palabras más


Tuesday, May 17

Descartes’ “principal seat of the soul”,

The pineal gland,

Our third eye.

Into the Silent Land, by Paul Broks.

The “Silent Land” in question is the brain. Paul Broks is a neuropsychologist, who spends his days talking to and helping people with brains damaged by stroke, injury, or other trauma. 112 palabras más


Descartes - Few Words about Senses and Accidents

It has been already pointed out that Descartes intended to replace Aristotelian philosophy. This intention necessarily shows itself in his treatment of the substance and accident. 1.076 palabras más

How do you know you exist? - James Zucker

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How do you know you’re real? Is existence all just a big dream? Has some mad scientist duped us into simply believing that we exist? 30 palabras más