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Rene, Liesel, and Dorothy

“Cogito ergo sum.” – Rene Descartes, Principles of Philosophy 1644
I think therefore I am.

I’ve never taken a philosophy course nor am I interested in studying it. 689 palabras más

The Subject's Point of View by Katalin Farkas

In a nutshell, Professor Farkas argues that meaning is in the head after all. That’s the “internalist” position that most academic philosophers have rejected in favor of a newer position called “externalism”. 348 palabras más


Quotes 1/11/16

Happy Hump Day!!! Hope you are having a great week !!

It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well.

Rene Descartes

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Hals. Frans Hals.

Hey there! I am still alive, despite the fact that I have started my pre-last semester with Graduation Project about PR in art industry.

Our hero for today will be one of my favorite artists ever. 223 palabras más

Shark Fin Hawaii - video

Eating is becoming more and more a political problem while the world seems to unravel politically. It is true that shark fin soup dates back to China’s Ming dynasty, however it was traditionally only consumed by a very exclusive and wealthy minority. 1.548 palabras más

Life Cycles

Is Anything Real? - Introduction To Solipsism

N0w you can watch this essay in a new video, right here!

This happened a few years ago. I was travelling on a crowded subway train. 1.173 palabras más


Sabbath Day - Twelfth Night

So this is Twelfth Night, the last of the twelve days of Christmas and evening before Epiphany. I actually started my sabbath day late last night. 395 palabras más

Sabbath Plans