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"I think, therefore I am."

How many of you know who said it? If you guessed Rene Descartes (the French philosopher, Mathematician and writer), you’re correct. It’s what I’ve shaped the creation of my life around. 776 palabras más

"Something Honorable" Found In Number "e"

“I must find something honourable!” (from Lawrence of Arabia)

In the 1962 movie, Lawrence of Arabia, there is a scene where Auda abu Tayi (Anthony Quinn), the leader of the powerful local Howeitat tribe, declares in exasperation, “I must find something honorable.” And so it was that, with lies reaching an enormous scale – a blizzard of lies – Ersjdamoo determined upon finding something honorable and found it in the number “e”. 583 palabras más

Logical Gal - Are you sure?

“You can’t be sure about anything!”

Beyond death and taxes, a lot of people maintain that position.  But is it so?

What is certainty and are there different kinds? 454 palabras más


Reading the Comics, April 20, 2015: History of Mathematics Edition

This is a bit of a broad claim, but it seems Comic Strip Master Command was thinking of all mathematics one lead-time ago. There’s a comic about the original invention of mathematics, and another showing off 20th century physics equations. 619 palabras más


NaPoWriMo Day 20: I exist...I think...

Cogito Ergo Sum is proof
that I exist, or so they say
but Latin is all Greek to me
so am I real? That’s somewhat grey… 101 palabras más


Suspicion about God, Religion, and Other Such Things

Maybe it’s more accurate to call it all-out skepticism rather than just suspicion. Knowing I’m about to paint with broad strokes, I start by stating that the modern world generally has little respect for God-or the gods, depending on who you talk to-and His/their followers.   1.443 palabras más

Council Of Trent

The Prologue of Curriculum Vitae

An emperor like Julius Caesar has an infamous phrase, “Veni, vidi, vici,” while a philosopher like Rene Descartes has an infamous phrase, “Cogito ergo sum.” 504 palabras más