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Philosophy: Always in Crisis

Few either within or outside philosophy see the field as thriving. Analyses operate at various levels. One set of accounts consists of what has become a philosophical commonplace – an announcement of a wholesale shift in the nature of philosophy. 236 palabras más


Book Review : Discourse on Method by René Descartes

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A “Discourse On Method” was written in 1637 for the general public as well as for academics. This work provides a sketch of Descartes’ method of philosophical inquiry and also of his general philosophical system: metaphysical, physical, physiological, and moral. 603 palabras más

How Some of the First Plastic Contacts Were Made

This is from Mental Floss. 

I would not want to have been fitted for these lenses.

The Luftwaffe ground contact lenses from glass.

The idea for contact lenses dates as… 188 palabras más

Three Reformers, Three Rebuilders

Three Reformers, Three Rebuilders

In his essay on Three Reformers: Luther, Descartes, Rousseau, Jacques Maritain pointed out the fateful ideas that were ferments in transforming Christendom into the modern secularist world. 244 palabras más

Religion And Philosophy

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Ces jours-ci à mon université il y a eu un stand pour le don de sang. A l’entrée on nous donnait des informations, et celles-ci se sont fait passé y compris aux td de mardi jusqu’à jeudi, et dans le sous-sol de l’université ils ont aménagé un endroit pour donner son sang. 632 palabras más



Aku berfikir, maka aku ada. Ungkapan ini berasal dari Rene Descartes. Seorang filsuf dan matematikawan Prancis. Sejenak diperhatikan, ungkapan ini tidak memiliki arti yang cukup mendalam. 331 palabras más

The Punctuation of Einstein’s Wives

Challenging, wouldn’t you agree? To begin a story with a word ending in “ing.” See, this is where I disagree with the rule-makers of punctuation. I think that sentence would look better if it had ended with – a word ending in “ing”. 899 palabras más