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Reading the Comics, July 29, 2015: Not Entirely Reruns Edition

Zach Weinersmith’s Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (July 25) gets its scheduled appearance here with a properly formed Venn Diagram joke. I’m unqualified to speak for rap musicians. 1.068 palabras más


New paper: The monadothergy

Today, I’m presenting an abridged version of the linked paper at the annual meeting of the North American Levinas Society, which I’m also posting in the… 253 palabras más

Les “Tambours tourangeaux” ~ playing in Descartes this Sunday!

Les “Tambours tourangeaux” will be playing in Descartes market on Sunday, 26th July from 10am to 12noon and then, from 3pm, starting from the Descartes Museum they will be leading a guided tour in the footsteps of René Descartes through the town. 8 palabras más

Loire Valley History

A Summer 2015 Mathematics A To Z: y-axis


It’s easy to tell where you are on a line. At least it is if you have a couple tools. One is a reference point. 709 palabras más


Ditching the Soul

I just finished a wonderful exploration of the nonexistence of the soul – The Soul Fallacy by Julien Musolino (whose name my iPad is constantly trying to auto-correcto to Mussolini, so I’ll just call him Julien to avoid accidentally offending him.) 461 palabras más

Attempted Philosophy

Quote for the day - Thursday July 16

“Science, the model of progress, has imprisoned and interrogated nature, while technology has sentenced it (and humanity) to forced labor. From the original dividing of the self that is civilization, to Descartes’ splitting of the mind from the rest of objects (including the body), to our arid, high-tech present – a movement indeed wondrous”. 7 palabras más