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Restaurants Rosemary

This new gastropub will delight French and British alike. Scotch eggs, beef Wellington, sausages, haddock, porridge, pecan pie and homemade scones are all set to take our tastebuds on a trip across the channel. 47 palabras más


Restaurants Swann et Vincent

With its Parisian bistro allure, this tiny Italian restaurant offering classic transalpine cuisine is nothing if not convivial. Sugared olives and charcuterie ‘du pays’ are served by Italian waiters who move the chalkboard from table to table across the tiled floors. 138 palabras más


Restaurants L’Amarante

Seasoned bistro chef Christophe Philippe impresses with exquisite meat dishes at his second major opening.

From the outside, this little address near Bastille appears quite unassuming. 247 palabras más


O melhor risotto de camarão...

Por: Milton Martins Filho

O Hotel Unique já tem 15 anos, mas continua sendo um dos endereços mais bacanas de São Paulo. Além da arquitetura do prédio, que é assinada por Ruy Ohtake, o local tem um… 186 palabras más

São Paulo

Restaurants Le Cheval de Troie

An exotic enchantress near Paris’ Opera Bastille, Le Cheval de Troie restaurant serves Turkish delights at irresistible prices. It specialises in skewered halal meat slow-grilled over a wood fire, hot and cold mezze, fragrant tagine and other traditional dishes that play heavily on a heady marriage of flavours. 65 palabras más


Restaurants Gentle Gourmet

If vegetarian restaurants are on the rise in Paris, vegan can still be a challenge to track down. It’s a tough sell, especially in France: the savoir-faire and imagination required to produce good cooking without any animal products, including milk and eggs. 171 palabras más


Váyase a cenar a Toloache compadre

Toloache es un mejicano de verdad. Si se os ocurre decirle al camarero (Como dijo aquí la servidora) que os ponga unos burritos igual os echa de allí con una escoba. 439 palabras más