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A Destiny

There is no magic balm to smear on the forehead

Wishing to expunge the fate that has been inscribed

Vague emotions are not enough to ameliorate life… 88 palabras más


Mi Princesa 

Dear Carla

I promised to be home soon, but now this home soothes nothing without you in it, I don’t know what’s keeping me here. 502 palabras más


Message in a Bottle (Part 12)

You can’t control and make people afraid with a loving God. A loving God takes away the entire platform of Independent Fundamental Baptist movement and a lot of other denominations of Christianity. 981 palabras más

Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) Review

“The belly of the beast.”

By now you either hate these films (I wouldn’t blame you) or you find them to be extremely fun guilty pleasures (I wouldn’t blame you). 1.185 palabras más