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Lady Justice

I seek vengeance across these mighty lands
I land my sword heavy and swift
I crush my foes with these callused hands
I trust and cherish this God-given gift…

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Imprisonment and Gender

Short sentences wreck lives, a few weeks inside can mean a woman loses her children, her home, and her job. Many women are trapped in an endless cycle within the Criminal Justice System – 45% are reconvicted within a year of release.

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On My Mind

I just can’t stop thinking about that picture of Karen in Röbert’s luggage.  Why was it there?  All I can come up with is this: because Karen is so old she must have a lil’ dementia and maybe she is fantasizing about Röbert and put it in there.   218 palabras más


Mr Shivers by Robert Jackson Bennett

“The young ones smiled through their hunger and dreamed only of biting the horizon, of the great iron machines eating up earth beneath their wheels, and of freedom.”

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Hello world!


It’s a powerful word.

Sometimes in life when destiny takes a hand, and plans do not go as you predict.

Retribution takes over.

You are cleansed from your sins. 23 palabras más



Its been strangely quiet on here since Smogcon. This hasn’t been because of any burnout on my part, but quite the opposite, I have been super busy. 246 palabras más



Cypress hill screamed
” I could just kill a man”
If Biggie eludes to murder
“Who shot ya”
Then I should be fine
All I want to do is molly wop a punk… 54 palabras más