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Operation Judgement - Post War Death Squads

Paul von Hindenburg, the ailing second president of the Weimar Republic (successor to the German Empire) died on Aug. 2, 1934. Following Hindenburg’s death, Adolf Hitler, political leader of Germany and the head of the Federal Government, declared himself dictatorial head of Germany and with that declaration, the last remnants of Germany’s democratic government were dismantled. 1.623 palabras más

Four Color Cast Members in Hannibal

Some of the cast of “Four Color Eulogy” are in Hannibal, MO this weekend!

“The Road To Retribution” is a cabaret performance starring Taylor Pietz… 94 palabras más

Four Color Eulogy

Capital Punishment, A Rational Argument Against.

There are 2 reasons for imposing capital punishment: for retributive reasons and as a deterrence. In other words, capital punishment serves as both retribution for a crime and a… 1.021 palabras más


White Capital is not the great evil. It's the great savior

By now we all understand the concept of white privilege and white capital. Every second article in the press are about these two topics, and although it’s important to talk about these things it’s much more important to find solutions to our economic woes. 832 palabras más


A Season of Rain

Now the rain comes

in heavy measure

from a disgruntled rain god

after long years

of drought and desecration

suffocating the cactus

drowning the land… 86 palabras más

Mk3 Retribution: Initial Spoiler Thoughts

You can’t go anywhere without stumbling into talk about the new addition so may as well add my own perspective to it now that we have a batch of spoilers for all the models. 1.694 palabras más