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REVIEW - Let Us Prey (2014)

Remember when you would pick out a movie based on its cover art? No? Well, I feel sorry for you then. Because the excitement and gleeful anticipation that you feel from finding a VHS or DVD with a cool looking cover is awesome. 786 palabras más



He stabbed her repeatedly

in the chest

with daggered words


honed with hate and spite…

Love can be a lethal cocktail

Dangerously acidic

He threw it in her face… 38 palabras más


Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds

(or… What the Speech Might Have Said)

swallow that smile
you soulless despicable
son of a bitch
you have hell to pay… 131 palabras más


Gnawed upon

Eternal battles in and on
One cause is of self
The other retribution

One bite
Two fangs
Tail lashes
Scraped and clawed
Venom on venom… 36 palabras más


caught between sorrow and anger
wanting to grieve but needing revenge
broken hearts house no justice no tears
possess powers to punish no minds own… 70 palabras más