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Retribution - new movie trailer

The new trailer for the Chase Dudley movie Retribution has just gone live. This is another movie that I’m currently scoring and things are shaping up nicely. 24 palabras más

Tony Longworth

Antagonists in the Absence of Free Will

This was written originally in 2013 and has undergone a soft revision for palatability’s sake. I’ve done my best to correct for obtuseness, and to follow my own threads to the best of my power. 1.251 palabras más

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Guestpost - Michelle Betham and Strong Biker Heroines

When you mention biker romance novels, I suspect most people think of men with beards and tattooos dressed in leather and denim straddling Harley Davidsons; tough men. 732 palabras más


A Brush With Violence

Buddhists and Christ
Disapprove of violence
Practice forgiveness
Speed dial OM
Child molesters take classes
In humility
Double jeopardy
Forgive me

Atheists practice insight… 131 palabras más

Retribution by Katie Reus

Sometimes it’s hard to read a book and have no one by your side – physically – so that you can turn to them every other chapter and tell them, grinning like a fool: “I’m loving this book. 378 palabras más

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He sails with dogged determination

The seas that show no grace or mercy

Voices reaching a violent frequency

Winds churning up loud screams

p { … 343 palabras más


Absent Friends

It is several days since we returned to Old College following our Grail quest of mixed fortunes. The place is in a state of heightened ebullience that I am afraid I just cannot bring myself to share. 1.127 palabras más