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Podcast 081- AdamBatRep 003- Cryx (Gaspy3) vs Ret (Thyron) –"Sword of Lies!"

Welcome back fan, and mom. Thank you for reading. Playing againts Ret today. I can’t say I’m happy to see them back in our meta after Nick threw them to the curb, but I’m not overly scared either. 2.251 palabras más


Justice with The Sun

As cool-sounding as the word comeuppance is, I’m not a fan of it at all. Its backbone is the principle of vengeance, illustrated with Old Testament-meets-Greek mythology pissed off jealous deities, mobs armed with raised pitchforks and torches yelling “Hang ‘im!”, jilted spouses dumping arsenic into philandering husbands’ morning cups of coffee, all that ilk. 658 palabras más

The Tarot Of Manifestation

"There and back, Spenser and Wayne's rip of title from the Hobbit" - Episode 7, To Lock and Load, AND BEYOND

Evening listeners!

Episode can be downloaded here: Episode 7 Direct Download Link

Alternatively can be found on Muses Website

In this episode we are sans Mike (Something about “real world obligations” or some random line like that… feels like a cheap breakup line ;) ), however you get the privilegde of listening to Spenser and myself serenade you with the sweet tale of our journey down to lock and load. 96 palabras más


Retribution - Context, Prologue, Chapter 1

A cycle of time has ended; the universe has perished and been reborn. Earth. 1603. The four Warrior-Class Clans, Daimyo, of Japan are overseen by the ruling Shogunate. 1.708 palabras más


Where is the Wrath of God?

Where is the wrath of God? Where is the swift justice? There is no such thing any longer in America. After the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, how many and how swiftly were the perpetrators hanged? 67 palabras más


"But (s)/he started it..."


We are all capable of spotting someone else’s intolerance, but we’re not all that quick to spot our own. It’s particularly hard to stop ourselves from being intolerant towards someone who we perceive to be intolerant towards ourselves. 558 palabras más