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Cut-off Line

Can we talk about retribution? 


What’s the cut-off line? 


Let’s say I’m giving some Karma back. 


When do I know I’ve given enough back to nullify the original Karma, but not more? 183 palabras más


Faithful But Flawed

The opening chapter of the book of Judges outlines the conquest of Canaan by the people of God. The first verse draws our attention to the book that immediately precedes this one, the book of Joshua. 1.030 palabras más

Retribution: Chapter Twenty-Four

Charles attended mass one Sunday afternoon in the middle of January. During that mass, a boy and girl were to be married.

He noticed Catharine and Mimi sitting in a pew towards the front of the church. 2.754 palabras más


Retribution: Chapter Twenty-Three

Sarah Brady dropped by the Prideaux home for cocktails during the afternoon before New Year’s Eve. Adèle was out, visiting a friend of hers who had just had a baby, but had Charles wish Sarah a Happy New Year for her. 3.776 palabras más


Retribution: Chapter Twenty-Two

The reason why Augustin had not written was because he had not written was that he had fallen seriously ill with something that was going around the cell block. 3.593 palabras más


Retribution: Chapter Twenty

Augustin retreated into his cell at the end of the day with a newspaper he had managed to get ahold of.  Nights were simultaneously the best and worst time of the day. 2.087 palabras más


Retribution: Chapter Nineteen

It was a rainy afternoon and Charles saw nothing better than to take a nap.
The air in the bedroom was warm, dry, and heavy. Adèle was taking a bath in the bathroom off of the bedroom and chattering on the telephone with Charlotte. 7.452 palabras más