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What people think of you...

What people think of you should not become your priority
as for verily,
what they say of you is not your reality…

The mindset of certain people sometimes seems so petty…

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Retribution of Scyrah List Discussion

-By: Stephen W.

Last time I wrote about the Retribution in general and mentioned several times about the versatility and large box of tools available to the faction.  1.236 palabras más

List Design Concepts


POSTCARD #259: New Delhi: Humbling to think Easter is all marshmallow bunnies and chocolate eggs in the North when, for the ancients, it was a time endowed with meaning. 318 palabras más

The 'now' Moment

Listenable To Re-Release MALEVOLENT CREATION's Legendary Albums

Formed in N.Y. in 1987 and relocated in Florida in 1988, MALEVOLENT CREATION have produced some of the most powerful and devastating death metal of all time . 97 palabras más

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There came the clickety clack, clickety clack of a horse’s hooves on cobblestone. The noise so loud and slow and steady and rhythmic. I held my breath and squeezed my eyes shut as if it could make me disappear. 462 palabras más


Should the US Ban Muslim Immigrants?

By Dom Nozzi

January 31, 2017

In January of 2017, Donald Trump was blasted for proposing a ban on Muslim immigration into the US.

I believe I am about the only person on the political left who is not attacking Trump for his Muslim ban. 334 palabras más




Spring has sprung. Birds are again singing their little hearts out. The squirrels are very active and I’m reminded of a time about 40 years ago when one particular squirrel was raiding the bird feeder and seed was flying all over the place. 464 palabras más