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The wind whispered your name harshly in my ear.

A reminder of things wrongly spoken and actions wrongly taken.

Although your name is stained in my mind with good, it still strikes straight to my heart with fear. 105 palabras más

Descriptive Writing

Death, a Poem

Does it have wings,
Or just claws?
Giant talons of razor-sharp finality
Carrying us away.
Is it the end, or just a sort of limbo? 81 palabras más

Poems By Me

A Word Fitly Spoken

When we speak up, we disrupt a seeming consensus, an expectation that we are in agreement, that we are on the same team, on the same page. 793 palabras más

Contingencies Keep To No Rules

John Flavel, The Work of Providence for the Saints:

If there is not an over-ruling Providence ordering all things for the good of God’s people, how comes it to pass that the good and evil which is done to them in this world is accordingly repaid into the bosoms of them that are instrumental therein? 869 palabras más




1. to subject to the action of an electric current especially for the purpose of stimulating physiologically
2a. to stimulate or excite as if by an electric shock… 502 palabras más