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Dear President Trump,
If the women of the world
don’t like you,
you’re sooo scrood.
~ Tim Burchfield


Retribution: Chapter 7

A few days later, Eulalie approached Augustin again in the courtyard.

“Shouldn’t you be in school?” He asked her.

“I skipped today.” she answered nonchalantly. … 2.472 palabras más


Retribution: Chapter 6

Augustin was of a rather changeable temperament. The smallest misfortune could put him in the worst sort of mood but any bit of luck could send his spirits in the other direction just as extremely. 2.574 palabras más


Retribution: Chapter 5

One did not have to be a fortune teller to be able to tell Marianne how her day would go, but the young man’s prediction echoed in her ears. 2.562 palabras más


Cycle of Death in Macbeth

In Shakespeare’s classic play, Macbeth, the violence that started with the murder of King Duncan morphed into an uncontrollable loop. Murder after murder took place, justified only by the previous ones. 501 palabras más



Dark tunnels for eyes

Recoil into an abyss

Sunbeams fear to tread

Voices clamour in her head

Surrender and then go dead