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by Graham Wynd

It was a ritual, she realised. All the little things you do to start the day, all the little steps you take that make everything normal. 578 palabras más

Flash Fiction

Retribution - Tanya Tagaq (2016)


If you’ve never witnessed an exorcism and was interested in experiencing a 45-minute plus aural sample of one, Tanya Tagaq’s Retribution is for you. A renowned throat singer, which is a vocal style akin to metalcore screaming only even more annoying and even disgusting, Tagaq’s subject matter is nonetheless respectable: humans’ abuse of our planet. 254 palabras más

The Soundtrack Online


I don’t look down.

Above I can hear wide walls of

water dropping into  pools,

spilling  over countless edges.

I grasp at stones,

lift my feet onto  slippery steps, 95 palabras más


Relief in God's Timing

God’s judgment is right and he is just.  Sometimes our endurance under our struggles, whether threat or bullying or persecution will not be resolved in our timing.  541 palabras más

Marc Kinna

Apathy Is The World's Saddest Tragedy

Everything in this world has a consequence, a leading action that will directly result in an effect. Sometimes, this will stack further and further, feeding a butterfly effect that may erupt into something completely disastrous and chaotic – a perfect example of this is portrayed with Metacom, otherwise known as King Philip, and his bloody retribution against the colonists threatening his own people. 418 palabras más

The Quest For Enlightenment (2/6-2/17)