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BBN pepper dem reunion. Day 2 full update

The reunion show of the BBN pepper dem housemates kicked off on Monday,the 1st of June,2020 and of course,fans of the show have been filled with ecstasy to see their favourites on tv once more. 402 palabras más


Finally At Ease...

It was about 20 years ago when her first known traumatic experience occurred. This little girl I knew didn’t really understand what was going on, but had an… 289 palabras más

QEH worker reunited with daughters after 9 weeks apart

A frontline worker, redeployed to support The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn’s response to COVID-19 has been reunited with her family after nine weeks apart. 313 palabras más

Media Release


Finally, Serafina had longed for so long to feel her lovers tender lips touching her own, once again.
To feel his muscular arms once again securely holding her. 687 palabras más

Ribashkohet One Direction?!

Fansat e One Direction janë duke festuar pasi llogaria e tyre ne Twitter filloi të ndjekë përsëri një ish anëtar të grupit, Zayn Malik.

Jo vetëm faqja zyrtare e One Direction por edhe Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson dhe Niall Horan po ri-ndjekin Zayn Malik në Twitter. 226 palabras más


One Zoom to rule them all!

I’m avoiding the news this morning (so, also social media, but will check in with all that later today. It’s too disheartening these days to try and catch up with that before breakfast and now I need to work). 181 palabras más

At The Movies

‘Cheaper By The Dozen’ Cast Reunites For a Tik Tok Challenge!

This is so fun! Cheaper By the Dozen Cast just reunited for a Tik Tok challenge which is called the #JustaKid video challenge.

Basically you recreate a photo from your childhood by adjusting your hair, makeup, and clothes and you make the same pose you did back then that’s in the image! 141 palabras más