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She's Back! Britney Spears Announces a New Residency in Vegas 9 Months After Piece of Me Show

Gimme, gimme more!

On Thursday, Britney Spears announced her return to Las Vegas with a new residency show that will launch at Park Theater at Park MGM, which is the same venue where… 309 palabras más


AHS: Apocalypse – episode 6

Returning to murder house. This week we dug even deeper into Michael’s past and things got really interesting. 683 palabras más


Manhattan Project: Energy Empire

Nyaar! (1960’s American radio voice narrates:) Hey you there! The future of energy is here. Around the world, governments and industry are erecting energy infrastructure so that you at home can switch on your lights to read the paper, listen to important news bulletins on the wireless, and bake your Sunday roast with clean, quiet electricity! 1.335 palabras más


Resensi 'Pemburu Halimun': Mengulik Metode Sang Dosen dan Sang Pembunuh

Judul: Pemburu Halimun
Penulis: Rezawardhana
Editor: Brahmantio
Penerbit: Dukut Publishing
ISBN:  9786029792041
Halaman: 301 Hal

Satu lagi novel bertema detektif, misteri, kriminal karya anak bangsa hadir di tengah-tengah menjamurnya novel bergenre romance, horror, atau religi.  1.215 palabras más


Baby Food Maker, 4 in 1 Steam Cooker and Blender Processor


Wow what more can I say I was definitely thoroughly impressed with this baby food steamer and food processor combination.

Upon opening the Box I was pleasantly greeted with this lime green appliance although it’s not the color that I thought it was gonna be I actually turn outs really like it. 151 palabras más

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Off Broadway review: Christine Lahti as Gloria Steinem in 'Gloria: A Life'

In recent years, post-show talk-backs have become a mainstay of theater — allowing audiences to discuss and debate what they’ve just seen on stage with cast, creators or topic-related experts brought in for just that purpose. 377 palabras más


The Meter's Running: A Review of Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver (1976) follows Travis Bickle, a mentally unstable veteran, who becomes a taxi driver and takes the law in his own hands to clean up what he perceives to be the filth of New York City. 745 palabras más