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Repensando o futuro do mercado de trabalho

Internet das Coisas (IoT), robótica, Inteligência Artificial, novas plataformas, tecnologia vestível (acessórios, roupas), impressão 3D, etc. são apenas algumas das inovações tecnológicas com potencial de… 419 palabras más


Events alert! Dates to save!

2017 here we are. Let’s get ready for some awesome (african) HR events. So, I already talked about AfricTalents in this post. Now look at what they have prepared for us this new year! 71 palabras más

HR Events - Africa

Leni The Ignorant

Are we serious about taking people out of poverty? This, I think, is the burning question of the day. Any government worth its salt MUST ask this question and then find and provide REAL solutions to this monster of a problem. 1.114 palabras más

Have you got the soft skills ?

What will be your job tomorrow? What kind of capacity will you need to acquire ten years from now? That’s hard to say, but one thing is certain: informal “soft skills” will be in high demand. 562 palabras más