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Bilan & capsule temporelle du 1er HRackathon

Les 27 et 28 mars derniers, a eu lieu le 1er HRackathon à l’Ecole 42 et organisé par Talentys avec AXA, Danone et Société Générale et Telecom Management. 1.378 palabras más

Au Service Des Entreprises

Do you have what it takes to be a boss? Part 1

You have the skills. You’ve done your work. They say you have potential. You say your are ready NOW.

The grass looks greener on the other side… 623 palabras más


childbirth vs rh factor

If you just found out you’re pregnant,
one of the first — and most important
— tests you should expect is a blood-
type test. This basic test determines… 799 palabras más


Special learning invitation!


Today i have finally decided to take the leap and share my passion with you! What is it you might ask? Well, as an HR professional with an open, curious and inquisitive mind who loves life and people: my passion is to learn from peoples’ experience as they grow, evolve, fumble, get back up and soar. 258 palabras más


Pregnancy Month 7 - Unfinished Business

Weeks 27-30

I think this month was the biggest reality check that this baby will be here sooner than we think. This was also a busy month. 378 palabras más