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#371: Donnie Darko

#371 – Donnie Darko, 2001, Richard Kelly

After narrowly escaping a bizarre accident, a troubled teenager is plagued by visions of a large bunny rabbit that manipulates him to commit a series of crimes.


After Hours #10 - Donnie Darko

Bringing our after hours epsiode to a close is the cult favourite Donnie Darko from Elwood’s favourite director Richard Kelly in which the time traveling demonic bunny Frank warns Donnie that the world is going to end in… 74 palabras más


The Box (2009)

Written and directed by: Richard Kelly

Adapted from the short story “Button, Button,” by Richard Matheson

66% of Rotten Tomatoes registered critics panned Richard Kelly’s The Box, securing the film a negative score and its filmmaker negative comparisons to fellow maligned auteur M. 945 palabras más


Saturday Matinee: Southland Tales

In defence of Southland Tales – Richard Kelly’s futuristic folly

The director’s much-maligned second feature is a vigorous piece of pulp for the 21st century. 971 palabras más


Southland Tales (2006)

I had not seen Southland Tales since its original release back in 2007. Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko) created a truly unique film that is far better than its critical and commercial mauling might suggest. 337 palabras más