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A Paper Tale: The Adelaide Office Live

Corporate environments exist in their own twilight zones of meaningless buzzwords and petty politics, and as an underemployed Arts grad, I find them endlessly fascinating. What a novel idea, a stable full-time job with regular super contributions and a literal watercooler around which to gossip with co-workers! 502 palabras más


How the UK Office changed the way we look at TV

Deep in the heart of Slough, a revolutionary British sit-com was born. Set in the fictional workplace of the Wernham Hogg Paper Company, The Office was a documentary style comedy revolving around life in a mundane, dank office that seemingly could have been anywhere in the UK. 383 palabras más

beyond words #cotdeath #cyberbullying #abuse social media

How is this kind of thing acceptable on social media? To single out a man who has a reason – who defends children. This is not… 134 palabras más

My Opinion

David Brent Does Summer Heights High...

Why don’t you ask Jan Palmer at Gumnut Cottage what she thinks of Mr G?

Creative Writing

Satire, a sword, a medicine and a shield

Satire is probably the most controversial form of expression. We tried to describe it, to define it, even to regulate it, but in vain. It will always escape from the limits we try to drawn. 823 palabras más

Ricky Gervais: Hosting The 2018 Golden Globes Would've Ended My Career

‘Child Support’ star Ricky Gervais was jealous of Seth Meyers’ opportunity to host an especially important Golden Globes ceremony.

This video is from The Late Show… 12 palabras más