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Cecil vs. Black Lives

I couldn’t help but rejoice when Jimmy Kimmel responded to the poaching of Cecil. It spoke volumes about the issue of poaching that has been going on for years. 413 palabras más

'Walter Palmer Is Satan': Celebrities Rage Over Cecil the Lion's Killer

The social-media uproar continues against Walter Palmer, the man who shot and killed Cecil the lion — the star attraction of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. 334 palabras más

Legality vs. Justice - The Case of Cecil the Lion

TODAY’S FOCUS: Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it ought to be done.

Say you are legally allowed to kill kittens. Say also there is no need to curb the kitten population to prevent starvation, and you have no interest in eating them. 671 palabras más


A Brief History Of Ricky Gervais Going After Big Game Hunters On Twitter

In the wake of the news that surfaced yesterday of Zimbabwe’s beloved lion Cecil being killed by American dentist Walter Palmer — the big game hunter who illegally lured the animal away from the preserve where it was protected — reactions have been strong. 823 palabras más

Web Culture

Where is immersive cinema taking us next? 

With the advantages in technology, it is clear that the cinematic experience is changing. You don’t just have to go to a standard cinema anymore to watch a film and enjoy it. 935 palabras más


Hunting/Murdering Animals for Sport: What Gives us the Right?

So it’s been quite a week for animal cruelty. First, I read about the man who literally mowed down a family of ducklings, and now I read about the Minnesota dentist who lured Cecil the Lion from his preserve, shot him with an arrow – a wound he suffered overnight before they caught up to him and killed him. 500 palabras más

Justifiably Intemperate Rants