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Disrupting the Narrative

So this blog is going to be a little bit different to the others, in a sense it will as the title suggests, disrupt the narrative (how postmodern). 494 palabras más

Ricky Gervais As Golden Globes Host: Here's The Poster

We have the key art for the 73rd annual Golden Globe Awards with returning host Ricky Gervais. He’s back for a fourth go-round after Tina Fey and Amy Poehler held down the gig for the past three years. 65 palabras más

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Golden Globes First Look: Ricky Gervais Is Back to Skewer Hollywood's Best

Stars of the big and small screens, best start practicing your “This joke at my expense doesn’t bother me!” faces now.

Because, as you can see in this exclusive first look at the 2016… 174 palabras más


Karl Pilkington won't be reuniting with Ricky Gervais, or acting, ever again

Karl Pilkington fans, brace yourselves.

The bald messiah has said he will ‘never’ be acting again, particularly not alongside Ricky Gervais, no matter how much people want him to. 292 palabras más


Quote of the Day 11-23-15 (Ricky Gervais)

“Atheism is a belief system in the same way that ‘off’ is a TV channel, not going skiing is a hobby or baldness is a hairstyle.”


The Office U.K. vs. The Office U.S.


The Office has probably helped Germany to develop the best series in Germany. The british series is the original and is therefore always regarded as something special. 176 palabras más


Night at the Museum

“Night at the Museum” (2006) is a perfectly harmless, somewhat entertaining movie that promotes father-son bonding, history appreciation, museums and reading. Ben Stiller stars as the museum night watchman who learns that history really can come alive. 69 palabras más

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