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There Is No Continuum [An Excerpt]

…the Logos distinguishes and judges: The state-ment “God saw” appears seven times in Genesis 1 alone. Of course, God’s seeing has nothing to do with physical vision.

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Literary New Orleans

Literary New Orleans

During the 1920s, New Orleans became known as the poor man’s Paris thus attracting the bohemian crowds. Artists and writers alike sought inspiration in its architecture, unique culture, and seedy underbelly.The cheap lifestyle was an added bonus for those striving to earn a living via their creativity.  269 palabras más

An open door in Uganda

People often say that God doesn’t close a door without opening another, and we frequently see it happen. More rarely the newly-opened door requires stepping over the threshold into a different country. 625 palabras más

Tuesday News

¿Cuáles son las necesidades básicas del ser humano?

Antonny Robbins durante muchos años se ha especializado en el estudio de las conductas humanas y las formas en las que las personas pueden desarrollar su máximo potencial, durante su recorrido en este maravilloso mundo de Life Coaching, Robbins identificó 6 necesidad las cuales están presentes en la vida de cualquier ser humano sin importar su cultura, religión, situación económica, creencias, etc. 1.102 palabras más

Life Coaching


So, I don’t know about you guys, but I recently watched the Tony Robbins documentary on Netflix, “I am not you Guru,” and LOVED it. I love Tony, and I took something from this documentary that I want to talk about, because it really hit home for me. 262 palabras más


The Robbins Coincidence

This past Saturday, Mona and I went to dinner in Manhattan, then we saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. I’d seen it before, but was her first time. 71 palabras más