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the time it takes to fall in love,
how far we fall when we do.
just how much we would give for the one more day. 396 palabras más

Two Charged In Connection With Fatal Shooting At Robbins Party

Two men have been charged in connection with a fatal shooting at a party Thursday night in south suburban Robbins.

The men were told to leave the tattoo party at a home in the 13500 block of South St. 188 palabras más


A New Experience Thanks To 360 Degree Video

Being a film and video major, I have gotten to see the advancements in technology grow and become more powerful. I first learned how to record video on film when I was in middle school, which was extremely more complicated than pushing the red button on my iPhone. 475 palabras más


Getting Started with Personal Finance

If you are totally new to the concept of Personal Finance or Financial Literacy, this is a good place to start.

Let’s just say you have 3 basic “levels” (the goal is to make it up to Super Saiyan 3 #Goku #BetterThanVegeta #DragonBallZ) 279 palabras más

Locution, locution, locution

So far I’ve had three vivid dreams of being shot by an intruder in my own house.  The first time was unsettling, because you think to yourself “My god… was that a premonition?”  But then the next two very different dreams of being shot in my home really helped put my mind at ease since, hey, … 262 palabras más

Kyle Murphy

Get Ready

So 2016 is fast approaching.  To think that 2015 is almost over blows my mind.  When I was making plans in 2014 for 2015 I remember thinking how long 2015 would be because I had to go through some stuff that wasn’t the most fun, but now here I am in December and it’s almost the new year and I’m like “where the heck did this year go!?” 152 palabras más


Motivational quote for November 18th 2015

No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying. Tony Robbins