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The Robbins Coincidence

This past Saturday, Mona and I went to dinner in Manhattan, then we saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. I’d seen it before, but was her first time. 71 palabras más


Tony Robbins - 3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Fail

Tony Robbins is a rockstar but you most likely already knew that. According to Tony Robbins, here are three reasons entrepreneurs fail.

Frustrated! Ahhhhgggg!

Good Morning my friends and thank you for making me a part of your day. Today, my WoW focuses on “frustration” and how much I value it. 155 palabras más


My top 5 quotes from Tony Robbins

Oh boy! This one was definitely a tough one. Trying to pick out only 5 motivational quotes from the master of motivation himself? Took about 2 days but I enjoyed the process. 215 palabras más


Dozens burned in Texas walking on hot coals at Tony Robbins seminar


SAN ANTONIO, Texas: As many as 40 people were injured after walking on hot coals as part of a self-help seminar hosted by motivational speaker Tony Robbins in Texas, fire officials said on Friday (Jun 24). 234 palabras más

Current Affairs

thinking critically on non-native species

Final Exam – Question 2

The importation of non-native species has heightened in frequency with increased human mobility. (Robbins, 2005, p. 139). Investigating possible responses to this phenomenon from a political ecology approach, I critically review Hugh Raffles’ (2011, April 2) New York Times op-ed, “Mother Nature’s Melting Pot.” I begin by comparing the piece to an article by Paul Robbins on the subject, and then projecting the implications of Raffles’ work. 1.037 palabras más

Cisco CEO Robbins: Connected devices will be growing much faster than you think


Cisco CEO on security

CNBC’s Jon Fortt sat down with Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins at the Code Conference and discussed security and big trends in the next five years. 9 palabras más

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