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'Can't Spell' Moment

J.M.Robbins = Panda   J.A.S Hawkins = Fox

“I can’t spell”

“Then why are you my editor?”


J.A.S: “I need to not be so sarcastic” 20 palabras más


'Loose Change and Spare Grammar' Moment

J.M.Robbins = Panda   J.A.S Hawkins= Fox

“Fixed, but it still says it’s wrong.”

“That because it’s not an English word.”

“But sometimes non-English words are recognised, and used in English.” 79 palabras más


Die or Dice

It’s the 21st! YAAAY!!!! With only four days until Christmas, I hope everyone is done with their Christmas shopping. If not, then why are you reading this, go spend some money! 174 palabras más


24 Hours is a Day,

Although I was thinking of going out with a bang!, I have since changed my mind! I only have one simple question: What do you with the 24hrs you have on Christmas Day? 43 palabras más


It's Just a Blog!

The last couple of days have been… busy!

I don’t even think the word busy is right. Projects have decided to start falling out of thin air. 258 palabras más