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¿Cuáles son las necesidades básicas del ser humano?

Antonny Robbins durante muchos años se ha especializado en el estudio de las conductas humanas y las formas en las que las personas pueden desarrollar su máximo potencial, durante su recorrido en este maravilloso mundo de Life Coaching, Robbins identificó 6 necesidad las cuales están presentes en la vida de cualquier ser humano sin importar su cultura, religión, situación económica, creencias, etc. 1.102 palabras más

Life Coaching


So, I don’t know about you guys, but I recently watched the Tony Robbins documentary on Netflix, “I am not you Guru,” and LOVED it. I love Tony, and I took something from this documentary that I want to talk about, because it really hit home for me. 262 palabras más


The Robbins Coincidence

This past Saturday, Mona and I went to dinner in Manhattan, then we saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. I’d seen it before, but was her first time. 71 palabras más


Tony Robbins - 3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Fail

Tony Robbins is a rockstar but you most likely already knew that. According to Tony Robbins, here are three reasons entrepreneurs fail.

Frustrated! Ahhhhgggg!

Good Morning my friends and thank you for making me a part of your day. Today, my WoW focuses on “frustration” and how much I value it. 155 palabras más


My top 5 quotes from Tony Robbins

Oh boy! This one was definitely a tough one. Trying to pick out only 5 motivational quotes from the master of motivation himself? Took about 2 days but I enjoyed the process. 215 palabras más