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Let's not talk of love or chains

The screen lights up with another notification and then another.
The phone hums the familiar vibrating buzz.
To think that once pigeons roamed as messengers and not pesky city birds, 302 palabras más


Roberta Flack Ready To Sing Again

NEW YORK (AP) — Once a week, Roberta Flack gives a musical performance for an exclusive group.

The lucky audience consists of a musical director, who works with the legend to keep her instrument — her voice — in top form. 827 palabras más

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October 1 - Surprise! JT's Favorite Singer Was...

Remembering one of the great soul voices of the ’70s. Donny Hathaway was born 73 years ago today.

Donny’s grandmother was a respected soul singer and like so many others, he developed his singing chops in church. 188 palabras más

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501.) Tues Apr. 17, 2018

Originally Published on Apr. 17, 2018

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Snub Week

The Song of the Day is: 466 palabras más

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♫ Killing Me Softly With His Song ♫

I typically prepare these music posts just before going to bed, when my resources are at their lowest, emotions a bit on edge from the news of the day, and so I seem to come up with ‘sappy’ songs more often than not.  648 palabras más


Afro Puff, Puff, Pass: Looking Back At Roberta Flack's Headphones

More than four decades before Hip-Hop producer Dr. Dre released his own-brand headphones, soul singer Roberta Flack released hers. Flack’s headphones were of course in keeping with the ’70s, they were very stylish and more importantly they sounded much better than their contemporary counterparts (the overpriced Beats By Dre). 77 palabras más


Random Repeaters: Progress Report #1

I started the Random Repeaters category with this post.

Since then, of course, many songs have arrived at the prescribed threshold; i.e., appeared on the random shuffle playlist five times. 600 palabras más

Music Trivia