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From the Library Stacks: Between Parentheses (Bolaño) / Exiles: Adam & Eve (Reconciliation in Christ alone)

From the Library Stacks: Between Parentheses…

I am enjoying this Labor Day 2020 with a day off work, yay, and some reading (alongside drinking coffee) – as well as attempting to de-clutter my bookshelves a bit (maybe with a goal of considering the ‘idol of books’ and its impact on my life). 2.043 palabras más


Writer's Desk: Don't Limit Yourself

Best known for his titanic five-novels-in-one omnibus 2666, Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño was prolific enough that even after his death in 2003, his bibliography continues to grow. 99 palabras más


Poet Protagonists


Possession by A.S. Byatt

Byatt’s Possession is so gorgeous and finely-wrought, it glimmers like a polished disc of jet. The novel toggles between two narratives, one set in modern times, the other in the Victorian era. 187 palabras más

Review of 2666 (2666 #1-5) by Roberto Bolaño

ISBN 0312429215 (ISBN13: 9780312429218)

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Read on a cruise ship. And I remember very little else about the cruise itself. This was eight years ago, but the book stands out in my mind, murky but stamped among the convolutions of my hippocampus.

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Petang Penghabisan di Bumi - Roberto Bolaño

Situsasinya begini: B dan ayahnya akan berlibur ke Akapulko. Mereka berencana pergi pagi sekali, pukul 6. Malam itu B tidur di rumah ayahnya. Ia tidak bermimpi, atau, kalau pun iya, ia telah lupa mimpinya saat membuka matanya. 7.960 palabras más



In 1977, I went to Hungary and Czechoslovakia (before it was split into two countries) with my mother and father. We spent a couple of days in a hostel on the shores of… 235 palabras más


Enrique Martín

Roberto Bolaño
(1953 – 2003)
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Para Enrique Vila-Matas

Un poeta lo puede soportar todo. Lo que equivale a decir que un hombre lo puede soportar todo. 4.979 palabras más