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More game-making updates

My adventures with game development is REALLY sporadic. Despite having an idea of what I want to make and how to make it, for whatever reason whenever I open the engine I get mentally bombarded with “But I haven’t got XYZ ready yet! 285 palabras más

Game Development

In Which I Teach the Jokers D&D: RPG Actual Play

Hey again everybody.

This is a little story from when I was still living in Scotland. Now, to clarify: first, the Jokers of the title are a group of Australians, one of whom is a former comedy colleague of mine from back in the old country. 1.224 palabras más


Might and Magic VI

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Might and Magic VI is one the great RPG installments of the Might and Magic series from 3DO. In this game, you control a party of four adventurers , as you seek to battle the various evils that plague the land. 313 palabras más


[Episode 4] FTL: Like if You Die Everytime

Welcome back readers! The first episode can be found here and the previous episode here. 872 palabras más


[TES Lore] Lorekhan #5: White-Gold and the Fourth Era

Welcome back to Lorekhan! This time, we will be covering just about the darkest period in Tamriel’s history: the Fourth Era. This era began with ending of the Oblivion Crisis, but that was just the start. 823 palabras más


Riftjammers Campaign Setting!

Welcome ye to the Riftjammers Campaign Setting ! A space fantasy adventure with Psionics, Magic, and Super-Science!

The Great Verse is a vast cosmos of Nine star systems and planes interconnected through the woven strands of psionic and magic forces. 72 palabras más

Pathfinder Rpg

Changelings of the Outer West Part 2

Part 2: The Trouble They Landed In: Setting

This is part of an ongoing series of memoirs about a Changeling: The Lost chronicle I ran before leaving for Europe. 1.473 palabras más