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Hex Kit mapbuilder program on Kickstarter

This is a useful Kickstarter for anyone into running or designing RPG campaigns, or simply anyone who enjoys making up their own maps (guilty!).

Hex Kit is a mapmaking program that used hand-drawn hex tiles as the basis. 79 palabras más


New Adventure!

Wind Lothamer is at again. He’s created a starting adventure with all the tropes of classic RPGs but built with a modern sensibility. Finding the right starting adventure can be difficult and this was custom created to ease new players into the game, while still providing challenges to more experienced players too. 35 palabras más


Welcome to 2017

Happy new year to all the folk reading the blog. Hope 2017 is interesting and challenging in a good way. This year I’m set on reaching another spell milestone and also adding the odd campaign or story elements into the posts. 189 palabras más

Ars Magica

The blog has now 450 spells for Ars Magica by year’s end, which means working in between work and family it’s possible to write roughly 50 new spells a season. 117 palabras más

Ars Magica

OSR Class : Lycan's Bane

Lycan’s Bane: a LotFP class for G+

Grab the pdf here

HD: 2d4

Saves as Specialist
A Lycan’s Bane begins fully confident, powerful, and well-prepared. They’ve trained since childhood and are invariably eager to put their skills to the test. 348 palabras más


One Year of Waiting - Shadowrun 5!

So, it finally arrived at my FLGS today, after we’ve both been following it up for a year! XD The runners have finally arrived! They should have run faster! 10 palabras más


New Host, New Feed, Same Great Show!

Due to the many problems caused by our podcast host, we’ve moved our show. We are now hosted on GM John Bunger’s own website,… 165 palabras más