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A Minuscule Immovable Lab

Edit: this should be called “Minuscule Movable Lab”, clearly I missed the title.

A quick post with an odd purpose – to shrink a room or lab down to a tiny size so it is easier to transport. 432 palabras más

Ars Magica

Spells to Repair a Dwelling

Over time I’ve written a few new Perdo and Rego spells for Terram and Herbam to damage parts of objects or structures (often using Target: Part as it is slightly harder but far more versatile), so in support of a breadth of magical spells for Ars Magica, here are a few ways to repair buildings and structures. 754 palabras más

Ars Magica

The Unicorn Cookbook - Fantastic Beasts and How to Eat Them

Already the Knight Owls FREE RPG DAY 2017 offering is being called the Best worst free RPG product of the year.

How can you say no to that?


Free RPG Day - Sneak Peak

The Knight Owls have been hard at work on our release for free RPG day. Here’s a little peak at what we’ve been working on.



Saturday June 17th is the 10th annual FREE RPG DAY.

We will have an offering available, one that has already been described as “probably the least useful game accessory ever.” And that was by us, while we were making it.

Bet you can’t wait!


"Pure" #5e #DnD One-Stop Stat Blocks for the Monster Manual #rpg cc: @bandofmisfits @stitched

Well, that was fast. Converting my original “one-stop” stat blocks document to a “pure” form was easier than expected. What does “pure” mean?

In the original document, I edited the stat blocks for a couple of reasons. 482 palabras más


#5e #DnD One-Stop Stat Blocks for Tales from the Yawning Portal. #rpg @bandofmisfits @stitched

As promised, I’ve converted stat blocks as necessary for Tales from the Yawing Portal using my “one-stop” method. I may need your help proofreading the document, so keep your eyes open. 272 palabras más