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Happy Birthday, Edgar Rice Burroughs Adventures!

In February, I was on the subway going to meet my girlfriend at Seoul Forest Park when I got a message from my buddy Wind. 158 palabras más


Dragon Age RolePlaying Game

It has been a long wait to get this RPG along with its revised DM screen and also its dice set! It’s better in a way, so we also have all three books into one. 39 palabras más


Mazes & Minotaurs RPG Review

One of the new members of our guild brought forth the idea of us playing a different RPG at our next game session. At first when he mentioned it I had heard of it before but never played or read any of the materials. 390 palabras más


What's Your Sign?

New from Knight Owl Games, a FREE 2 page supplement that adds 12 signs (48 new options) to character creation.

Choose from the sturdy Sloth, the mighty Narwhal, the dexterous Lemur, the magnetic Will-o’-the-Wisp and more!


Happy International Table Top Day

In honor of the fledgling holiday, we have reduced the price of The Chaos Gods Come to Meatlandia to a mere dollar.

The offer is for today only, so grab it if you want it.


RPG Blogger and gamer Justin Stewart has a new Review for Meatlandia. It’s great at identifying what we were going for and also rightly critical about areas of improvement. 60 palabras más



This is something I made for Santacore. Maybe you’ll see it there someday but in the meantime it may be handy.

Below are a series of tables  If the PCs are in a specific part of the city, simply locate the most appropriate table. 2.307 palabras más