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A different kind of RPG

A different kind of RPG appeared on Kickstarter recently, and it already has a fair number of backers. Good Society is an RPG setting where you are placed in a Jane Austen-esque landscape, navigating various social mores and obligations to your advantage. 44 palabras más


A New Year and a Round Number

One BookShelf isn’t showing it right now, but I have 50 titles that contain my work.

The problem has to do with the most recent product featuring my stock art, the RPG Pundit’s… 233 palabras más


Legends of Aerwynd: Gegrik Hammermane (Part 1)

By JD Dempster


Legends of Aerwynd is a short introduction into the world of Aerwynd through narrative fiction. We hope you enjoy the tales of our heroic characters as we world build, play test, and develop the Aerwynd Campaign Setting. 1.787 palabras más


Epic Isometric digital RPG tabletop

Hosted on drivethru RPG right now is the Epic Isometric set of RPG adventure helpers. These tools give you a series of maps for dungeons and outdoor areas, plus icons for heroes and monsters, to help bring your RPG session to life. 19 palabras más

Game Design

Rogue (Epyx) (1980)

Rogue var en av de spel jag spelade en hel del under 80-talet. Har försökt länge finna det men jag kom inte ihåg vad spelet hette och detta gjorde det väldigt svårt men idag lyckades jag av ren tur. 121 palabras más


A Minuscule Immovable Lab

Edit: this should be called “Minuscule Movable Lab”, clearly I missed the title.

A quick post with an odd purpose – to shrink a room or lab down to a tiny size so it is easier to transport. 432 palabras más

Ars Magica

Spells to Repair a Dwelling

Over time I’ve written a few new Perdo and Rego spells for Terram and Herbam to damage parts of objects or structures (often using Target: Part as it is slightly harder but far more versatile), so in support of a breadth of magical spells for Ars Magica, here are a few ways to repair buildings and structures. 754 palabras más

Ars Magica