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Changelings of the Outer West Part 6

Part 6: The Summer of Blood Part 3

And welcome back imaginary readers! I know its been a while since our last installment, but given these events transpired about a year and a half ago now I figure my memory isn’t getting any worse. 2.648 palabras más


Breath Of Fire - Here There Be Dragons

Breath Of Fire – There Be Dragons
The first Breath Of Fire (BOF) videogame was originally a product of RPG giant Squaresoft. However, the ownership rights got shuffled around, and since the first sequel all BOF games are the property of Capcom. 458 palabras más


Elly Van Houton

Elly Van Houton

Elly Van Houton is the most important woman in the Xenogears videogame universe. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Elly is introduced as a soldier of the Solarian Empire. 470 palabras más


Id - Xenogears' Greatest Mystery

Id – Xenogears’ Greatest Mystery

In literature, characters are like mysteries. Readers are given periodic bits and pieces of characters’ histories, but never the whole picture. 465 palabras más


Fei Fong Wong - Xenogears' Hero

Fei Fong Wong

Trends have a long shelf-life, particularly in videogames. Companies measure success in the feedback of their target demographic. They sift through the popularized elements and use them as a template for future products. 859 palabras más


DashOn (RPG) {Python}

from random import randint

class Character:
def __init__(self): = “” = 1
self.health_max = 1
def do_damage(self, enemy):
damage = min(
max(randint(0, – randint(0,, 0), 507 palabras más


Star Ocean II - The Second Story

Star Ocean II – The Second Story

Imagine a RPG set in a fantasy world. Add a friendship simulator to the mix. Throw in a system allowing the creation of everything from musical instruments to stat-raising books. 473 palabras más