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What's Your Sign?

New from Knight Owl Games, a FREE 2 page supplement that adds 12 signs (48 new options) to character creation.

Choose from the sturdy Sloth, the mighty Narwhal, the dexterous Lemur, the magnetic Will-o’-the-Wisp and more!


Happy International Table Top Day

In honor of the fledgling holiday, we have reduced the price of The Chaos Gods Come to Meatlandia to a mere dollar.

The offer is for today only, so grab it if you want it.


RPG Blogger and gamer Justin Stewart has a new Review for Meatlandia. It’s great at identifying what we were going for and also rightly critical about areas of improvement. 60 palabras más



This is something I made for Santacore. Maybe you’ll see it there someday but in the meantime it may be handy.

Below are a series of tables  If the PCs are in a specific part of the city, simply locate the most appropriate table. 2.307 palabras más


Conan RPG on Kickstarter

A RPG based on the world of Conan is currently up on Kickstarter and doing rather well. There are two things that mark this out from other similar titles. 67 palabras más


Dark Souls 3 : True Colors of Darkness Trailer

Σε σερί βρίσκεται η Bandai Namco η οποία αφού μας έδωσε στην δημοσιότητα έναν μεγάλο αριθμό Screenshots από τον επερχόμενο τίτλο-βόμβα της Dark Souls 3,ανέβηκε και στο κανάλι της στο Youtube το τελευταίο Trailer του παιχνιδιού με το όνομα True Colors of Darkness. 12 palabras más

Video Games

New Class: The Beerserker

Not specific to Meatlandia, this is just a fun class for a one-shot or urban crawl. It’s based on the ASSoH Berserker, but not nearly as strong. 285 palabras más