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2017 Year in Review

Winding down another eventful year, our first properly living back in the U.S. in some time (1999 for Kirstin!). There’s no denying 2017 had challenges, but we’ve had plenty of adventures and good times, and enter the new year sanguine about the opportunities in the coming year. 1.121 palabras más


Venison Stew and Crème Brûlée at Ruben

So many restaurants, so little time.

My days in Budapest were dwindling, and I still had, oh, 40 or 50 restaurants on my Must Try… 199 palabras más


REVIEW: The Square (2017)

The following is a review of The Square — Directed by Ruben Östlund.

Had you told me in the beginning of the year that a Swedish film about a Dane looking for his stolen smartphone while he has to take part in discussions about the amorphous nature of ‘the exhibitable’ at an art museum, then I probably wouldn’t have known whether to laugh or cry. 445 palabras más


Hellen & Ruben, first rough cut.

Hellen & Ruben

This is a first rough cut of Hellen and Ruben’s wedding video.

A first cut of the wedding ceremony, ( minus the third camera angle,  which I will add later). 58 palabras más

Wedding Video

Mersal (2017), A Review...

A huge fan of Vijay ever since I was a little kid, Mersal is right on top of my Top 10 Vijay movies list! Albeit late, this is definitely a film I wanted to write about. 244 palabras más

Movie Reviews

Ruben sucks

Today at school Ruben was quote on quote “threatening” me that he would and i quote “kick my ass at uno” but you know me how i’m a god at UNO, So I had to teach  his ass a lesson and I had to pull a quicky on him and beat his ass and show him who is really the god at UNO.