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Day 17: Into the Ariege 

Luchon – Fos

Distance: 30km

Elevation: +1524m, -1630m

Fuel: Petit dejeuner in Luchon (can I just say the guys running the Hotel Panoramic were absolute legends – and the breakfast was to die for!), ham and egg sandwiches (courtesy of the hotel), chocolate, sausage baguette (back to the old classic!) 630 palabras más

Runaway Travel Stories

Day 15: Switchbacks

Cabane d’Ourtiga – Luchon

Distance: 31.5km

Elevation: 1603m

Fuel: Pain au chocolat. Mars bar, petit dejeuner (with double helping of bread and coffee and myrtle berry jam!), pizza, burger, beer and wine in Luchon. 687 palabras más

Runaway Travel Stories

Day 14: Middle of nowhere

Vielle Aure – Cabane d’Ourtiga (1600m)

Distance: 20kmElevation: 1565m

Fuel: Muffins and yoghurt for brekkie, pain au chocolat, cafe au lait, baguette with the best sausage ever, mars bar. 423 palabras más

Runaway Travel Stories

Day 13: Sugar and coffee

Bareges – Vielle-AureDistance: 45km

Elevation: 1700m gain, 2100m loss (!)

Fuel: Two pastries for brekkie, bag of peanuts, magnums ice-creams, coffee and coca-cola, baguette with mackerel in tomato sauce. 505 palabras más

Runaway Travel Stories

Day 12: Hit the road

Cauterets – Bareges
Distance: 35km

Elevation: 2070m

Fuel: The best petit dejeuner we’ve had yet – there was nothing “petit” about it! Croissants, yoghurts, baguette, coffee, muffins, hams, cheeses…if we didn’t have to move on, we would have stayed here for the rest of the trip! 338 palabras más

Runaway Travel Stories

Day 11: J’adore Cauterets

Lac d’Estaing – Cauterets

Distance: 18km

Elevation: 1574m

Fuel: too much to list!

We knew we’d love Cauterets from the second we ran in, furiously scratching bites from the determined cow flies and nursing a dodgy shin. 243 palabras más

Runaway Travel Stories

Day 10: What we packed

Leruns – Lac d’Estaing

Distance: 38kmElevation: 1700m

Fuel: Petit dejeuner, tinned mackerel on baguette (so good!), 2 x cafe au laits (worst yet!), chocolate muffin, sausage on baguette. 695 palabras más

Runaway Travel Stories