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"Woman in Gold" Movie Review


Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren) has just buried her sister.

At the cemetery, she is talking to an old family friend when she finds out that the friend’s son is a lawyer who has fallen on hard times. 272 palabras más

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The Voices Review (2015): A sadistically fun experience

The Voices is a psychotically good time. The plot revolves around Jerry (played with excellent precision by Ryan Reynolds), a seemingly normal guy working at a toilet manufacturer in the shipping department. 454 palabras más

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Self/less- Review

Self/less is directed by Tarsem Singh and stars Ryan Reynolds, Matthew Goode and Ben Kingsley. This movie is about a billionaire real estate tycoon (Kingsley) who decides to undergo a process where his consciousness is transferred into a younger body (Reynolds) when his original body gets cancer. 247 palabras más


Review – Self/less

Genre: Thriller
Certificate: 12
UK Release Date: 17th July 2015
Runtime: 117 minutes
Director: Tarsem Singh
Writer: David Pastor, Àlex Pastor
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Natalie Martinez, Matthew Goode, Ben Kingsley, Derek Luke, Victor Garber … 518 palabras más


Buried (2010).

Thriller about an American truck driver captured in Iraq and buried alive inside a coffin. Can he escape? 164 palabras más


Ryan Reynolds has even worse verbal slams than 'Posh Spice' for Ed Skrein in 'Deadpool'

There were many great things from Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool trailer released earlier this month.

But one of the best is the exchange Reynolds has with Ed Skrein, calling the menacing Brit actor “Posh Spice” (before lamenting about being left with Gina Carano’s “less-angry Rosie O’Donnell”). 273 palabras más


Super 2016

Next year is going to be EPIC!! Why? Because of this…

I don’t profess to know all there is to know about these superheroes but I have watched the movies and that’s about all I need for now, besides, I know about the same amount as you. 749 palabras más

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