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'Deadpool' Is Looking Forward To Fatherhood In His Super Bowl Commercial

Deadpool opens next Friday (review here), so we’ve just witnessed the new “Superb Owl” TV spot for the film, aired during the 50th Super Bowl (or the 50th annual celebration of Superb Owls, if you’d like to see it that way, and I do). 168 palabras más


'Deadpool' Had Dreams Like The Rest of Us in Latest TV Spot

This latest spot featuring the Merc With The Mouth shows him casually telling us about his dreams of being an athlete. Sadly, he’ll have to settle  for being a crude and violent anti-hero. 72 palabras más

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'Deadpool' Super Bowl Trailer: Snark And Bloodshed

With the film hitting theaters this Friday, of course the aggressive marketing for Fox’s R-rated, super hero action comedy Deadpool wasn’t going to slow down. Appropriately, the final trailer for the hyper violent pic pairs well with another franchise known for insane levels of violence and mayhem – I mean professional football of course – and so it is that it aired just now during Super Bowl 50. 124 palabras más

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Deadpool Super Bowl Spot Released

More stuff for Deadpool!

A new spot just dropped before the Super Bowl. Did we actually want to be an athlete?

Watch the spot below and find out! 90 palabras más

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