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Blake Lively Has Invited Anna Kendrick Into Her Marriage Of Insults With Ryan Reynolds

Sorry not sorry, Ryan Reynolds, but it looks like Blake Lively has just traded up. While promoting her new movie, Blake and her co-star – and new wife? 401 palabras más


Deadpool 2 quick review

Xmens foul mouthed wise cracking anti hero is back and funnier than ever. Deadpool continues to fight crime taking down the bad guys one by one in his own unique way with a little wink to the camera breaking the forth wall with attitude. 107 palabras más


Blake Lively should prepare to get trolled by Ryan Reynolds as she returns to set

Blake Lively and her hubby Ryan Reynolds are known for hilariously calling each other out on social media.

So the 30-year-old actress should be watching her back as she was spotted on set for her new movie not really looking like her usual self. 378 palabras más


Deadpool 2

I walked into Deadpool 2 without having seen a single trailer. I’d seen the first movie on a plane and, despite knowing that what I watched was a heavily censored version of the movie, I enjoyed it a lot. 172 palabras más

Movie Review

Deadpool 2

At last a family film! 😂😂😂

Wade Wilson, a.k.a Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), the sassed mutant is back! The eleventh movie of the X-men series and a spin-off to Deadpool released in 2016! 612 palabras más


Deadpool 2 is better than the first

When I was in college working toward my BFA in musical theatre I took a class early in my degree which involved a few acting exercises. 731 palabras más

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