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'Self/less' Trailer Starring Ryan Reynolds

‘Self/less’ comes to theaters July 31, 2015 and stars Ryan Reynolds, Ben Kingsley, Michelle Dockery, and Matthew Goode. The film is directed by Tarsem Singh.


Ben Kingsley se apodera del cuerpo de Ryan Reynolds en "Self/Less"

Damian (Ben Kingsley), es uno de los hombres más poderosos de la ciudad de Nueva York, pero padece de cáncer y su miedo a la muerte es tan grande que se somete a un procedimiento médico para transferir su consciencia a la de un hombre mucho más joven y sano interpretado por Ryan Reynolds. 198 palabras más


11 Crush-Worthy Celebs Who Are Nailing the Lumbersexual Trend

Here’s a controversial statement: we don’t want winter to ever end.

Bring on the ice and let the snow pile up to the sky because it means that cute guys will still be wrapped in plaid and growing sexy, ultra-masculine beards. 127 palabras más


The Voices Trailer

Check out this film about a mentally imbalanced man who is struggling with having to choose to listen too his cat (yes, cat) who is telling him to be a killer or his dog (….yep) who is trying to keep him on the more sane route…

Ryan Reynolds Faces Off With Jimmy Fallon In Hilarious Egg Roulette -- Watch

On the March 3 episode of ‘The Tonight Show,’ Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Fallon had entirely too much fun cracking eggs over their heads in Egg Russian Roulette. 270 palabras más

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' Baby Looks Like A Blanket

Blake with the baby in her arms. Oh my gosh, I CAN'T.
Blake Lively Fan (@blakelivelyf) March 01, 2015

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