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Sakura Haiku

A hill with one tree,

Petals ablaze pink and white,

Beacon to songbirds


В очакване на пролетта в Киото

Пролетта идва рано в Киото. Първите цъфнали дръвчета винаги ги забелязвам около средата на февруари. Към края на месеца вече все по-често се зърват бели и розови цветчета на японските сливи – най-ранните. 18 palabras más


JOY in experiencing Spring

“What a strange thing to be alive beneath cherry blossoms.”
― Kobayashi Issa, Poems

Everybody looks forward to spring in Japan. It is even an exciting thing for allergy sufferers like me because it means that pollens are beginning to wane in quantity. 429 palabras más


Kawazu is a small town on the eastern coast of the Izu peninsula. The main draw is a large number of special early-blossoming brand sakura… 108 palabras más


Haiku Competition Winner Announcement!

You may remember that a couple of weeks ago I announced an exciting competition in partnership with The Japanese Shop to win this beautiful Japanese sakura (cherry blossom) kokeshi doll. 129 palabras más