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Flowing gently underneath,

Haze, alabaster, dispersed,

The moon, an emerald, delicate.

The sakura floated,

My heart tremored,

I quivered.

Patience continuing,

The wait ever-lasting, 7 palabras más

Anime fans object to plan to plant cherry blossom trees at movie’s real-life location in Japan

Fans of handsome swimming boys anime Free! don’t think gardeners should be free to plant sakura wherever they want. 405 palabras más


Weekly Photo Challenge: "Temporary"

Sometimes I want to cry looking at my blog which I imagined to be updated regularly, but in the end becoming semi-hiatus because of my laziness (I tempted to defend myself that I was totally busy with work in the beginning). 66 palabras más


Watercolored Thanksgiving Card

For this card, I used my favorite stamp from the Stampin’ Up! Lovely as a Tree set (how I have not worn this stamp out, I do not know!), embossed in gold. 38 palabras más


KONOHANA KITAN Episode 7: Around and Around

Episode 7 of KONOHANA KITAN features the girls going to a summer festival. I’ve been looking forward to this episode, so now is time to find out whether it lived up to my expectations. 762 palabras más


Cherry Blossoms and Beyond

On account of “sakura”, springtime is my best-loved season in Japan. Not to mention the so-so (not too cold neither hot) weather urging us to wander in parks and recreations. 175 palabras más