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Nagoya Castle: My First Spring in Japan

I’ll always look back on Nagoya as being a safe haven.

Last week was the 7th anniversary of the Tohoku Earthquake. The events that unfolded back on March 11, 2011 are just insane. 752 palabras más

Trips Outside Of Tokyo

Sweet Japanese spring is in full bloom at Kyoto confectioner Gion Tsujiri!

Colorful spring creations from Kyoto green tea confectioner are not only sweet to taste but a delight to behold! 347 palabras más


Death of a Cherry Tree

This past Monday, city workers came to cut down a cherry tree near our house. It had been there for years.

We found out later that a neighbor had complained that leaves falling in her backyard were a nuisance to clean. 134 palabras más


Enjoy latest installation at Artechouse, "Sakura Yume//Cherry Blossom Dream" while staying in short term housing in Washington DC

Go see the latest installation at Artechouse while staying in short term housing in Washington DC.This time, cherry blossoms are the star attraction of this spring attraction,”Sakura Yume//Cherry Blossom Dream” . 81 palabras más

Flowers in the Dark

I didn’t try to cover up the black tile with Prismacolor pencils, because I thought the black paper added dimension to the drawing.


#7: Untitled

Sakura bloom as

winter crumbles into warmth

they sway to and fro


Matcha Swirl Mochi for Early Spring

Comparing to the snowy weather three weeks ago it is so much more like spring now. It is not just because the temperature is higher but because the sunlight is brighter and the air is lighter. 350 palabras más