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Field Report: Cherry blossoms and castle ruins in Fukuoka, Japan (28 March 2015)

Every spring, the ruined enceintes of Fukuoka Castle take on a special blush of beauty, with the bare branches of its flowering cherry trees stirring magnificently into life. 785 palabras más


Cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo

The main reason we delayed our honeymoon for ten months after our wedding was because we really wanted to experience the cherry blossoms in Japan. 838 palabras más


Penang's 'Cherry Blossom'

The Tabebuia Rosea, Pink Tecoma, Rosy Trumpet Tree or commonly known by the locals here as Penang Sakura / Cherry Blossoms will be in full bloom again throughout the month of March till April (at times, till early May as well). 24 palabras más

George Town

Pretty Tokyo: Sakura 2016

The last of the late-blooming cherry blossoms have bid their farewell for the year, the sakura fever has died down and the city has gone back to normal. 260 palabras más

Tokyo City

Field Report: Old buildings and new blossoms in Fukuoka, Japan (28 March 2015)

It might come as a surprise to many of us – as it certainly did to me – that the very first Zen temple founded in Japan isn’t located somewhere in the ancient imperial streets of Kyōto or the time-hallowed precincts of Nara, but right in the bustling downtown of Fukuoka. 488 palabras más