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7. The Royal Gorge Bridge

We peered over the canyon to see the ground wall away into a slot canyon thousands of feet deep. The only thing that could make the canyon any more dizzying would be to have a swaying bridge across it. 365 palabras más


Choose Your Own Adventure...

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Father’s Day is this weekend. We aren’t a family that is huge on gifting (or at least I don’t think Tim considers himself to be, though I have always enjoyed finding thoughtful gifts for people). 520 palabras más

No Name Tour: Day 26 - Conquering the Monarch

It was 39 degrees outside when I woke up. Not gonna happen. I ate breakfast of sorts on my room then hit the road at 7. 648 palabras más

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No Name Tour: Day 25 - Resting Hard

I am staying at a motel just outside Salida. Last night the place was quiet. I slept well so I booked the room for tonight as well. 365 palabras más

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No Name Tour: Day 24 - What a Difference a Day Makes

I crashed hard last night after a burger and a beer at a Westcliffe bar.

This morning I pulled a pair of bike shorts, a pair of socks, a shirt, a book, and two Adventure Cycling maps. 759 palabras más

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