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One of the best trips of my life, PART ONE: Salida, Ouray, Ridgway, + Hiking the Blue Lakes Trail

Hi. Wow, it’s been awhile. A whole month! How are you? 

I decided to disconnect a little bit the last month because of everything going on in the world and also just for some personal reasons. 1.335 palabras más

First 'Vid Road Trip of 2020 - Salida, Colorado

Alright, so I forewent a hair appointment (after 12 weeks) to go on our first road trip during this ‘Vid stuff. Many of you won’t like or appreciate the idea, but wanted to share with you, that it was a great, safe experience. 683 palabras más


exit only

ser algo que entra y sale de una misma
ese algo que es
qué es
capaz de entrar tanto como salir
de la cabeza del cuerpo… 62 palabras más


Buff3y blasts out of the mountains and onto the high plains beyond the Rockies of Colorado and onto Route 50 running eastward straight across Kansas towards Dodge City. 762 palabras más

Southern Colorado (in Winter)

Well, it’s not easy being me, as no one in particular said ever. Charged with the heavy responsibility of having to head off on the long-road periodically to service my legion fans on, I find myself back in Colorado resuming the ride south through the USA. 399 palabras más