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Here are Some of the Absurd Ideas Sam Raimi Concocted for ‘Evil Dead 4’

Sam Raimi scored big back in 1981 when he unleashed a spirited little monster of a flick known as The Evil Dead. To everyone’s surprise, the film quickly gained a loyal fanbase. 485 palabras más


DON'T BREATHE First Look Review: A Scary, Suspenseful, Straight-Up Crowdpleaser

If Fede Alvarez’s name doesn’t mean anything to you, it should.

This filmmaker, with only two movies under his belt, is someone to look out for. 640 palabras más

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Last Week I Spoke On CultPopture's Podcast Regarding The Evil Dead Franchise Which You Can Check Out Here.

This week on FILM FRANCHISE FORTNIGHTS, Richard and I are joined by The Punk Writer himself Nick J Jones, to discuss the wild and ever-changing EVIL DEAD series, a saga which has transcended genre and medium to become the bizarre cult icon it is today. 15 palabras más


Don't Breathe Box Office Prediction

Next weekend, the makers of the Evil Dead reboot are back with Don’t Breathe, a horror pic that is garnering early positive reviews. Fede Alvarez directs with Sam Raimi producing in this tale of some teenagers robbing a blind man’s home. 211 palabras más


GIVEAWAY: advanced screening of DON'T BREATHE Tuesday, August 23 (Philly, PA)

Happy Tuesday MMT Fam! We’re giving away admit-two passes today to the Philly screening of the new Screen Gems horror thriller DON’T BREATHE, showing next Tuesday, August 23 in Center City. 216 palabras más


The Trailer & Clip For 'DON'T BREATHE' Starring Dylan Minnette

Check out the trailer and clips that Screen Gems (Sony) and Ghost House Pictures have released for their upcoming horror thriller DON’T BREATHE, starring Jane Levy and Dylan Minnette, which can be seen down below! 80 palabras más


Don't Breathe (2016) Review

Rating: 8 / 10

The director that brought you the remake of Evil Dead, is bringing you something new in the home invasion type movies. A griddy, beautifull looking movie that is great to watch. 967 palabras más