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Why Spider-Man is the Greatest Hero in Comics

I love Spider-Man. But, I need to be honest on this one fact. I didn’t start Spider-Man in comics. Where I lived, there were little to no comics and the thought of collecting one comic book after another didn’t occur to me. 1.953 palabras más

June, 2004: Spiderman 2

In a way, we have Sam Raimi’s stab at a superhero trilogy to thank for the current release climate, where it seems as though a new, obscure superhero is resurrected for their own series seemingly every other month.  600 palabras más

Movie Review

Boogeyman (2005 Film)

Tim Jensen becomes witness to the abduction by his father by the mythological Boogeyman.  A creature of tremendous evil that lives in every closet.  As the years pass for Tim his paranoia builds around him as fear of the Boogeyman is ever present in his life.   381 palabras más

Bringing Henrietta Back in "Ash vs. Evil Dead" Season 2 Blu-ray Clip

From – One of the big highlights of the second season of Starz’ “Ash vs. Evil Dead” was the return of the evil Henrietta, who Ash reunited with down in the fruit…


633 Squadron (1964)

The Walter Mirisch Company brings to the big screen this WW2 adventure that is enjoyable though presented on a much smaller scale than some of Walter’s other 1960’s productions including The Magnificent Seven and The Great Escape. 665 palabras más

Daily Take

On This Day in Horror History: Sam Raimi’s ‘Darkman’ Arrived 27 Years Ago

Sam Raimi was have gotten his start working on films like Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2, but he also squeezed in a few total treasures when not focusing on those damn Deadites. 105 palabras más

Horror History

Blu-ray Review: Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2


This season roars back into action with Ash leaving his beloved Jacksonville and returning to his home town of Elk Grove. There, he confronts Ruby, only to find that she too is now a victim of evil and in need of Ash’s help. 498 palabras más