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Ash vs Evil Dead - First Look!

Entertainment Weekly have released the first official image of Bruce Campbell as the chainsaw-armed Ash Williams in the upcoming STARZ series Ash vs Evil Dead… 357 palabras más


First Look At Ash In Ash Vs Evil Dead

Bruce Campbell looks ready to take on the armies of the dead once more in this first look image from the forthcoming Ash vs Evil Dead… 99 palabras más

The Small Screen Scene

First Look at Ash Williams in Ash vs. Evil Dead

Starz is giving us our first look at Bruce Campbella’s Ash Williams in Ash vs. Evil Dead via Entertainment Weekly. The image includes Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana Delorenzo). 39 palabras más

Bruce Campbell Has Returned As Ash!

So a while back it was announced that Starz, jumping on the produce your own contect chain that was started by HBO and , Showtime, and Netflix, would be producing an  390 palabras más


Bloody first still from Ash vs. Evil Dead, featuring Bruce Campbell!

While Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell’s Ash vs. Evil Dead still feels too good to be true, today’s first official look at the Starz series proves that Ash is back in a big, bad and bloody way. 344 palabras más


Darkman (1990)

First published by FilmLand Empire

Darkman is a film about transitions. Mild-mannered scientist Peyton Westlake (Liam Neeson, showing early promise of the unlikely action hero he would later become) is trying to develop a synthetic skin to help burn victims, but has not quite achieved the breakthrough that will allow the engineered dermal cells to stay coherent for more than 99 minutes. 858 palabras más

The second time around

Note: Every Friday, The A.V. Club, my favorite pop cultural site on the Internet, throws out a question to its staff members for discussion, and I’ve decided that I want to join in on the fun. 1.008 palabras más