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The Evil Dead--Movie Review

The Evil Dead was released in 1981 and is the first feature film by director Sam Raimi, of Spider-man and Army of Darkness fame. It follows a group of five friends who go out to the oft cliched cabin in the woods, and after they discover a sinister book in cellar, gory horror ensues! 337 palabras más


Spider-Man (2002)


Spider-Man is an important film in many ways. It jumpstarted the superhero film genre and opened the doors to the boom of superhero movies over the past decade. 735 palabras más

Movie Review

How Director Fede Alvarez Got Ownership Stake In His Genre Smash 'Don't Breathe' — Deadline Disruptors

Which of Deadline’s disruptors has taken more advantage of shifts in the movie business than Uruguayan writer-director Fede Alvarez? By doing his second film on spec, he managed to own a majority stake in Don’t Breathe, a horror film that cost $7 million and grossed $157 million worldwide. 1.491 palabras más

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Tom Hardy Cast as Spider-Man Villain Venom, Which Is on Brand AF

Oscar-nominated actor Tom Hardy, who thrives in roles where his beautiful face is obscured (Mad Max: Fury RoadThe Dark Knight Rises) and he communicates primarily in grunts and snarls ( 173 palabras más


Director Shortlist For DC's The Flash Boasts Huge Star Power

DC only has one film coming out next year so far which is Aquaman, but for every other core Justice League character, we don’t seem to know much else about their respective films. 400 palabras más


The Flash News: Sam Raimi Reportedly Passes; Billy Crudup Exits Film

Warner Bros. have just begun to focus their attention on The Flash film, with other DCEU films set to hit theatres, or in production. However, two big pieces of Flash news have just dropped, most likely inhibiting the film from arriving on its original March 16, 2018 release date. 204 palabras más