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Ash Vs Evil Dead Season One Review

I finally got round to watching Ash Vs Evil Dead, I had seen the first two episodes when it first aired but enjoyed them so much I decided to wait until I could binge watch it. 1.136 palabras más

So, Will Disney Remake ALL Of Their Animated Films?

I have an odd relationship with Disney. I love them passionately and they are a huge part of my childhood (that I sorta stayed in even as I aged out of it), but I am acutely aware of just how soul-sucking and money-crazed the corporation is as a whole…even though the only films I really go see in theaters are released by them. 863 palabras más


The Gift (2000)

Sam Raimi tries his hand in M. Night Shyamalam territory in a supernatural thriller that sees a psychic haunted by images of the murdered girl whose police investigation she is aiding. 142 palabras más


Film Editor

Edna Paul was an film editor. There are a few slides in the bag that show people posing in front of 35mm film editing equipment, and there’s even a drawing on the wall, I presume of Edna, by the legendary MAD cartoonist Sergio Aragon’s. 106 palabras más

Edna Ruth Paul

Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell, Graphite on paper and goldleaf,
8″ x 10″, 2016

© copyright François Champagne-Limoges


'Don't Breathe' Trailer: AKA Don't Rob Stephen Lang

It’s easy to think that if you’ve seen one “the hunter becomes the hunted” plot, you’ve seen them all. Then you watch something like the first trailer for Screen Gems’ … 155 palabras más


REAL HORROR: an EVIL DEAD "super fan" is rebuilding THE CABIN!

Good morning boys and ghouls, there is someone I absolutely need to introduce you to. Someone, who apparently is a bigger Evil Dead fan than I am!  1.115 palabras más