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SONG OF THE DAY Tom Zé - Jimmy, Renda-se

Today’s song has got one mighty addictive riff to it, I can’t get it out of my head!  After hearing Jimmy, Renda-se for the first time yesterday… 302 palabras más


#KeepingRealMusicAlive: Lino Krizz

Name: Lino Krizz (

Members: Lino Krizz (vocalist, composer, producer)

Genre: Brazilian R&B, Hip-Hop & Samba

Rating: ♦♦♦♦ (4 of 5)

Artist Biography

Lino Krizz is a singer, songwriter, producer and actor who has composed more than 300 songs. 390 palabras más


Helsinki Samba Carnaval / Helsinki Samba Carnaval / Carnaval de Samba d'Helsinki / Carnaval de Samba de Helsínquia

In English:

Samba in Helsinki.

Can You image, that even in Helsinki, there is Samba Carnival – maybe no. Yes, we have every year and this year Samba Carnival was held in Helsinki for the 27th time. 1.773 palabras más


The mind of a musician

Have you ever wondered how the jazz musician’s creative process works?  The other night I played Freddie Hubbard’s Little Sunflower at a jam session.  Here then is play by play on what went through my head as I played this piece. 156 palabras más


Clearly I Don’t See Myself Upon That List

I was supposed to head over to the Fancy Dance Hall on Saturday morning to have two different coaching sessions – first an early session with Lord Dormamu, then afterward my normal session with Sir Steven. 2.877 palabras más