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Thousands of Dollars in Sports Equipment Stolen From Cesar E. Chavez Learning Academies

Over the weekend, someone broke into two storage containers and a batting cage at the Cesar E. Chavez Learning Academies in San Fernando and stole $9000 in sporting gear. 28 palabras más

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The Underwater Handbook

Burke, Edmund

Category: Sunken Treasure
Keywords: Vigo Bay Galleons, William Phips, Concepcion, Rio de Janeiro, Florencia, San Fernando, Golden Hind, Laurentic
Comments: Includes a bibliography and glossary; illustrated… 67 palabras más

Sunken Treasure

Ah, parenthood.  

Fathers and mothers, your openly displayed love makes the world a better place. Cheers!


Stumbled Upon Some Racers

On my usual morning photo walk, I chanced upon a competitive run. I didn’t see any photographers at this leg of the course, so I started snapping away. 29 palabras más