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PAMPANGA | Food and Heritage Day Tour

With its growing array of choices ranging from authentic and exotic Kapampangan dishes to international cuisine, from the original family recipes to food hybrids with unexpected twists, from your childhood… 2.607 palabras más


Free Concert at San Fernando Recreation Park

Sunday, August 28, 2016 at 6:30 pm the band Buyepongo will be performing for free! Performance will take place at San Fernando Recreation Park, 208 Park Ave., San Fernando, CA 91340… 38 palabras más

Free Concerts

Life in Trinidad Part Two

In June 1963, we left our home in Amington, Staffordshire and set off to Grandma’s bungalow in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.  Dad stayed a couple of days with his mum and brother before flying to Trinidad to start his new job on an oil refinery and left me, mum and baby sister Sandra, then just 2 years old, in a B and B in Westcliff-on-Sea close to Gran and Uncle Syd. 729 palabras más


Ends, Odds & Others

After producing nearly 100 pieces in the shop over the last few weeks, my parade of new stuff is almost at an end. I had a few odds & ends that didn’t fit into any of my other posts, and here are 2 small boards and 4 clipboards, submitted for your consideration. 190 palabras más


From Under The Drill Press: Oldies But Goodies

I make boards in batches.

I “pick and process” lumber for certain boards, and get together a bunch. Sometimes I’ll do a large batch of one type (like when I just did 43 cheese boards), and sometimes I’ll do a mixed bunch. 466 palabras más


A Really Big Cutting Board Goes Home

I only carry boards as large as 16″ x 20″ x 1-1/2″ to our craft fairs.

And, remember, I actually carry them to and from the events. 412 palabras más


New: Bread Boards

One thing that’s freeing about running a small shop is that I get to do what I want.

And I wanted to make this new shape of board. 233 palabras más