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LAPD Chases 2 Motorcyclists Around San Fernando Valley

VAN NUYS (  —   The LAPD is chasing two motorcyclists Thursday evening.

Officials are chasing two bikers around the San Fernando Valley, officials said.

As of 11 p.m., the chase was taking place in Van Nuys. 13 palabras más

With All Due Apologies, Susan

A good story is always worth re-telling. After all, many people missed the story before, so they have the benefit of catching up. For the people that heard the story before … a good story is always a good story. 246 palabras más


Yoga at the park

I’ve had an interest in yoga for quite some time… but flexibility? Uhhhh not so much. Lol kidding. I won’t say I’m thatttttt flexible, but I can do a lil thing. 272 palabras más


Boards: Cutting, Small & Clip. And A Bear.

Cutting Board 16 – Edge 019. Purpleheart, Jatoba, Bloodwood, Bubinga, Padauk, Cherry & Hard Maple. 12″ x 16″ x 1-1/8″.

Sous Chef 16 – 021. Quilted Black Walnut, Hard Maple & Padauk. 228 palabras más


A Big Litter

Yes, Ladies & Gentlemen, I’m back in the pig business.

I’ve been out of the business for some time … but perhaps not nearly long enough. 212 palabras más


New: Domed Cheese & Cracker Servers

It’s an unending search. I’m on a quest, really.

My problem is I love a simple meal of cheese & crackers … and I want to make the perfect serving piece to complement that repast. 345 palabras más


Medical mission attends to 909 in North Poblacion

SAN FERNANDO, Cebu (March 12, 2016) — Six volunteer physicians and three dentists attended to 909 residents in North Poblacion in this town as two companies the town hosts brought back today their medical mission for the third time since eight years ago. 334 palabras más

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