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Calbuco Eruption Chile

Calbuco volcano in Chile has erupted twice in the span of the last 24 hours. Residents were shocked the volcano erupted after remaining dormant for more than 40 years. 88 palabras más

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Chilean wine is worth exploring

How do you make yourself a better wine drinker? One thing I suggest is that you constantly try different wines. All too often, people get caught in a rut of drinking the same type of wine because they feel comfortable with what they know. 819 palabras más


The Trip

Blake and I are so excited to pull out our mini backpacks and matching hiking pants and finally travel across South America with our friends Lisa and Luke. 247 palabras más

Sidewalk Cafe - Barrio Lastarria

Sidewalk Cafes are popular in Santiago. This one is in Barrio Lastarria, a popular Santiago neighborhood at night, filled with restaurants and coffee shops.

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