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How to Become a Financial Partner

If you are interested in joining my missions work in Chile, here’s how you can become a financial partner!

1. Go to
2. You will see the option to give one-time or give monthly. 210 palabras más

Santiago, Chile

The First 9/11

I recommend a visit to the Museum of Memory and Human Rights to anyone who has an hour or more to spare in Santiago, Chile and an interest in getting their historical perspectives and worldview correctly aligned. 391 palabras más

South America

Top 5 Airbnb Rentals in Santiago

Art and history, shopping and entertainment, or football and food – whatever brought you to Chile’s capital, here are the top 5 Airbnb rentals in Santiago, each for its own reason. 515 palabras más

Chile Travel

The first letter has been sent!

Hello again blogging world!

It certainly has been a while since I have shared my life on here, but I am excited to be back talking about my new adventure! 679 palabras más

Santiago, Chile

Best neighborhoods in Santiago, Chile

Chile’s long, skinny profile – with an extensive coastline and an interior hugged by the Andes – is home to just over 18 million people with over 6.5 million residing in the greater Santiago area. 513 palabras más


British Airways launches direct flight to Santiago, Chile

On 3rd January British Airways launched its first direct and non-stop route between London Heathrow and Santiago, Chile.

See more here.

Now is easy for you to come visit the British of South America, the Chileans! 15 palabras más

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