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The Street of Death, and The Interrogation Ship, The Esmeralda

The Street of Death, and the Interrogation Ship, the Esmeralda

It was a warm afternoon when we left the streets of Santiago after a day of sightseeing and proceeded to the famed Santiago Cathedral, the majestic religious building held wonders I wanted to see and photograph, the ornate frescoes and architecture were a wonder to view. 729 palabras más

Elastic Adventures with Carlos Saunier

You’re galloping out of the gate from the get-go with “Inminente,” an exuberant romp led by the tenor sax who counterpoints with Carlos Saunier’s guitar. The song is from Carlos’ latest CD release of the same name. 1.601 palabras más

...Santiago, Chile

Our journey from Mendoza to Santiago was incredibly simple. As with the border crossing from Bolivia to Argentina we had read nightmare stories about crossing into Chile and were fully anticipating a long wait at the border, but as it happened there were no other buses there at the time we arrived so we whizzed through in under an hour. 745 palabras más


On The Road ~ Santiago Chile 2

Where to eat in Santiago: Restaurant 040 is a must.

Dumplings filled with shredded pork rib and spicy miso broth.

Spanish chef Sergio Barroso is part of a new wave of chefs in Chile who take inspiration from around the world while mining the country’s own rich culinary history. 103 palabras más


for Pablo

Verses of Santiago nectar
*unfastened and opened
beneath the wings of starlings
or on the wind.
Loose pearls of metallic gold
trailing the arc of the sun… 87 palabras más

Chile Through my Romantic Eyes

Different Roots

It is amazing how homesick you get when you have to live abroad, even if you speak the language, even if you love the new place, the people you meet, and even if you are able to adjust well to new conditions, its been my experience that if your roots are different there is a part of you that your new friends will never understand and likewise. 391 palabras más