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Geographies of Katherine Dunham’s Dance Activism: an interview with Joanna Dee Das

In 1930s Chicago, she choreographed for Run, Little Chillun, the first black show to take place in the city’s downtown Loop theater district, and brought dance to the city’s New Negro Movement. 3.006 palabras más

20th Century

World's Most Exciting News!

AHHH! Okay, so this is, admittedly, not the world’s most exciting news, but in my little world, it certainly is!

As you know, I have been raising support to get to Chile to serve the Lord at Santiago Christian Academy. 524 palabras más


This Is The Confirmed Formula E Calendar For Season Four

Following the FIA World Motor Sport Council meeting in Geneva on the 19th, the final calendar for the fourth season of Formula E has been published. 158 palabras más


Frequently Asked Questions...

Hola mis amigos!

(That means “hello my friends!”) There are so many neat things God has done in this process and I love sharing all of these stories with the blogging world! 830 palabras más

Santiago, Chile

5 new races on the Formula E calendar next season?

Alongside plans to bring Formula E to Rome, a new working draft of the Formula E season four calendar has emerged that shows plans for a whole host of new races. 311 palabras más


Why Chile? Why now?

As crazy as it seems, if all goes as planned, in about 2 months I will be leaving for Chile! This is mind-blowing and seems impossible. 806 palabras más

Santiago, Chile

So far...

Well it’s officially been 26 days since I sent out my first letter! I have been amazed at the outpouring of love I have received in monetary and prayer support.  433 palabras más

Santiago, Chile