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High Cortisol Levels, as Seen in Cushing’s, Can Lead to Greater Risk of Heart Disease, Study Finds

People with high cortisol levels have lower muscle mass and higher visceral fat deposits, putting them at a greater risk for cardiovascular disease, new research shows. 496 palabras más


Research may lead to healthier aging for older adults

Obesity and sedentary lifestyles put people at greater risk of developing a familiar list of health conditions, including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease. 962 palabras más

Research Stories

Sarcopenia Market 2017: Expected to Rise at a Remarkable CAGR By 2023 adds new report “Sarcopenia – Market Insights, Epidemiology and Market Forecast -2023-7 MM” which contains global key player’s survey information and forecast to 2022. 501 palabras más

Maintaining health during ageing with FHI - Roisin McGinley

The population of Ireland is ageing to such an extent that currently there are 637,567 people aged 65+ in Ireland accounting for 13% of the total population.(1) This increased longevity is of course positive, yet while many are living healthier lives into old age, this is not universal. 608 palabras más


Fat vs Muscle

Two common questions among those seeking to get fit: “How do I turn this fat into muscle?” and “If I stop exercising, will my muscle turn to fat?” And the scientific answer for both questions is absolutely not. 12 palabras más


Recommended daily protein intake too low for the elderly

The minimum protein requirement for healthy adults has been set almost 15 years ago but there is a growing body of evidence that this recommended dietary allowance (RDA) is not sufficient for older persons. 510 palabras más