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Gaining muscle. Why it’s even more important as you age

When I turned 30, I didn’t give much thought to my muscles. No, let me take that back. I gave zero thought to my muscles. 1.621 palabras más


Vitamin D Plus Olive Oil Could Aid Muscle Repair

A new study using rats has found Vitamin D supplementation improved the muscle fiber thickness in rats who were sedentary and were being fed either a high fat extra-virgin olive oil (HFEVO) diet or a regular diet. 252 palabras más


The Fallacy of Calories In / Calories Out as a Mental Model for Weight Control

One of the common comments people make about weight control is: “It’s just calories in / calories out.” It’s true, but it’s also wrong in important ways. 571 palabras más


One of the major problems in the aging population is a progressive loss in skeletal muscle mass, muscle strength, and/or functionality, described as age-related sarcopenia. Several strategies to attenuate the loss of muscle mass and other muscle impairments that comes with aging have been developed. 143 palabras más


Sarcopenia - why you need to know what it is!

“Sarcopenia? What’s that? Never heard of it!” Sarcopenia may not be a medical term that you’re familiar with but you need to know about it. It happens to all of us, once we pass thirty, yes, all of us. 934 palabras más


Goodbye to the Gun Show? Not so fast...

All my life, I’ve been naturally strong. People hand me the pickle jar to open. I’ll carry heavy things like air conditioners up 3 flights of stairs. 421 palabras más

Cross Training