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The progressive loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength/function, referred to as sarcopenia, is increasingly recognized as a relevant determinant of negative health outcomes in late life. 216 palabras más


Age-Related Muscle Loss Happens Sooner Than You Think. Here’s How to Stop It

Age-related muscle loss, known as sarcopenia, can be debilitating. However, before you start feeling like you’re missing out on your golden years due to a nasty fall, read these tips on how to prevent and finally conquer sarcopenia. 15 palabras más

Aging And Longevity

Gaining muscle. Why it’s even more important as you age

When I turned 30, I didn’t give much thought to my muscles. No, let me take that back. I gave zero thought to my muscles. 1.621 palabras más


Vitamin D Plus Olive Oil Could Aid Muscle Repair

A new study using rats has found Vitamin D supplementation improved the muscle fiber thickness in rats who were sedentary and were being fed either a high fat extra-virgin olive oil (HFEVO) diet or a regular diet. 252 palabras más


The Trade-off Between Gaining Muscle and Aging

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While aging is associated with a loss of muscle mass and thus the recommendation by many health professionals to eat more protein to improve muscle mass and reduce frailty, there appears to be an inverse relationship between protein intake and cellular longevity. 441 palabras más

The Fallacy of Calories In / Calories Out as a Mental Model for Weight Control

One of the common comments people make about weight control is: “It’s just calories in / calories out.” It’s true, but it’s also wrong in important ways. 571 palabras más