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Enzyme that triggers muscle wasting could be key to REVERSING signs of ageing | Daily Mail Online

Drawing on expertise from both the University of Birmingham and Queen Elizabeth Hospitals Birmingham, they applied their knowledge of Cushing’s syndrome to the new problem (sarcopenia). 248 palabras más


Emerging biomarkers for sarcopenia

Identifying novel biomarkers of pathological sarcopenia could facilitate diagnosis and treatment among the elderly. However “researchers need to ensure that emerging biomarkers undergo a thorough analytical validation by laboratory specialists before they are used in prospective clinical studies,” said Dr. 276 palabras más


Strength training still advisable in older age


Date: April 3, 2015

Source:  Medical University of Vienna


Many over-65-year-olds are frail, or in a preliminary stage of frailty. A new study aims to raise fitness levels and quality of life for older people whose nutritional condition is inadequate. 114 palabras más

Healthy Habits

Night Owls at Higher Risk of Diabetes, Other Illnesses

by Laura Geggel, Staff Writer

Night owls may enjoy staying up late, but their belated bedtimes may be a detriment to their health in middle age, a new study finds. 502 palabras más

Mind & Body

Book review: Manual of Nutritional Therapeutics

Margot Gosney is Professor of Elderly Care Medicine at the University of Reading and Consultant Physician at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust. Here she reviews the Manual of Nutritional Therapeutics. 508 palabras más


Which is Better for Seniors: Weight Machines or Free Weights?

The debate about which is better, free weights or weight machines, for building muscle strength and tone has been raging for a long time. I specifically want to talk about which is better for the senior weight trainer and believe me, there are darn few online articles that talk about this aspect of weight training as it relates to we older folks. 1.355 palabras más


The Protein Question - Another Study - For the Over 50 Guys and Gals.

Spotted this story on Yahoo:  “Older Adults: Double Your Protein Intake for Better Health

Whether you’re running an Ironman or walking laps at the mall, current guidelines on protein intake just aren’t enough to — …

244 palabras más
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