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Sasuke Sarutobi walkthrough.

Game: Ikémen Sengoku Developer: Cybird games

Sasuke the stoic modern day theoretical astrophysics student, turned Sengoku ninja. Birthday:April 10. Height 5ft8. 697 palabras más

Nerdy Ninja


Song about heisei era

Sasuke Haraguchi, a 15 year old from Matsuyama Japan, is a multi-talented dancer, DJ, beat-maker, finger-drummer, composer, singer-songwriter, and drummer. Sasuke has created over 61 tracks showing that he has a higher level of skill and technique in his musical creations. 44 palabras más

Hip Hop

Rarity vs Sasuke

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Rarity is definitely a nice pony and she can fight when necessary but I definitely think she is a little outmatched here. Sasuke has the Sharingan at his disposal and a lot of speed and power even without it. 44 palabras más



Binging Anime I Missed Out On

(Full Disclosure: I was really just a Dragon Ball Z fan before I watched the handful of anime. There have been several anime I’ve been juggling including: … 584 palabras más

My Top 10 Slice of Life Anime

Hi! anime enthusiasts I am Bavid and today I am here to share my top 10 slice of life anime.

all of these 10 animes are wonderful and no 10 is equally good as no 1… 919 palabras más