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Tom’s Top 10 interpretations of quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics has given birth to dozens of interpretations, which themselves need interpretations.

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The Great Thaw of America’s North is Coming

One of the most profound effects of a warming world is underway on US soil – the impact will force thousands to relocate, and have far-reaching, global consequences. 17 palabras más


Robot sculpture, coming to a gallery near you

Sculpture might not be the first thing that springs to mind if someone mentions robotics. We hear again and again that robots are set to change the way we drive our cars, grow our food, and perform surgery. 51 palabras más


No Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Here: Behold A U.S. Vs. Japan Giant Robot Duel

Two years ago an American robotics company challenged a Japanese robotics company to a duel. Their weapons of choice? Giant robots.

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Not long now

i know my time will be up soon and some of the local area will be out of my reach, so situation in mind, if we get a nice day I plan to go out as much as I can


Scientific Evidence for the Existenece of God?

I grew up listening to this explanation by Guru Nanak Dev Ji about the genesis of the universe: “Ek noor te sab jag upjyaa,” meaning, that one flash of light caused the birth of the universe. 344 palabras más

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