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Top 5 Batman Screenprints - Film

Artists and painters love working on pieces which draw their inspiration from the world of comic books. No subject more so than the dark knight himself, Bruce Wayne aka the Batman.  689 palabras más


Top 7 Marvel Cinematic Screen Prints

The world of screen printing and art collecting can be a tricky and treacherous one. It’s a world that can steal your hopes and dreams and empty your wallet at the same time. 669 palabras más



Exhibition: Summer Screen Prints – Film Poster Exhibition

Location: Somerset House, London

Date: 3rd – 23rd August 2017

Details: Somerset House and Print Club London collaborate on the fifth edition of the  42 palabras más


The Art and Posters of San Diego Comic Con 2017

One thing you can count on at San Diego Comic Con is all the great reveals from the companies promoting their stuff.  This comes in many forms but one that gets many fans and collectors very excited, myself included, is all the great artwork that gets released in the form of screen prints and posters! 177 palabras más


New Prints!

My last post was all about drawing so I thought you might like to see the screen prints I made from my drawings. Brace yourself, they are quite bright! 261 palabras más


$18 Screened Tees Are In!!

This just in! I’ve worked for months looking for deals on graphic tees for under $20. Now you can finally get a Fuzzy Poet tee for $18!!! 90 palabras más


Exotique ou Indigène

Né de la découverte dans le jardin de Mansion de plantes exotiques dont celle d’un poivrier du Brésil, Schinus Terebinthifolius, le projet cherche à raconter à travers le média de la sérigraphie textile, le voyage et l’histoire de plantes sujettes a de nom- breuses migrations. 367 palabras más