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10.16.15: Rosales Arrested

Manuel Rosales, the former Zulia governor, returned to Venezuela yesterday after six years of exile. Rosales was arrested at the door of the airplane by SEBIN agents, and was subsequently… 659 palabras más

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Sebin detuvo a Rosales en Maracaibo y lo presentará en juzgados de Caracas

Nada más bajarse del avión que lo trasladó desde la isla de Aruba hacia Maracaibo el excandidato presidencial y exgobernador del Zulia fue aprehendido, tal y como había advertido el domingo la Fiscal General. 352 palabras más

06.14.15: Haiti

National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello held a surprise meeting alongside Foreign Affairs Minister Delcy Rodriguez with high-ranking U.S. government officials in Haiti yesterday.

The meeting, which was… 187 palabras más

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05.01.15: "A Shameful Spectacle"

The parade in Caracas to commemorate International Worker’s Day got underway today at around 12:30 PM.

At the end of the parade, Maduro announced that he was… 804 palabras más

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Turan (투란)


04.05.15: Pseudo-Leaders

El Nacional reports today that since coming to power in April 2013, Maduro has gone on cadena 236 times for a total of 334 hours. So far this year, … 507 palabras más

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03.21.15: Air Raids

The Bolivarian Shield drills entered their 7th day today. In Caracas, citizens of select areas of the city practiced air raid drills, as seen in the video below. 361 palabras más

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