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05.30.16: Mega-Deployment

In a speech from the Fuerte Tiuna military barracks in Caracas, Maduro announced a “mega” expansion of the Operacion para la Liberacion del Pueblo (OLP), a security initiative that has seen increased security forces presence in communities particularly hard-hit by crime. 467 palabras más

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05.25.16: Crippling Misfortune

The head of security at the National Assembly and Henry Ramos Allup’s chief bodyguard, Coromoto Rodriguez, is currently being held in detention without charges after the Public Ministry failed to charge him with any crime. 1.359 palabras más

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El Sebin se llevó detenido al jefe de seguridad de Ramos Allup

Una comisión del Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia Nacional (Sebin) se llevó detenido al comisario Coromoto Rodríguez, jefe de seguridad del presidente de la Asamblea Nacional, Henry Ramos Allup. 158 palabras más


05.18.16: Protests Shake Country

An opposition demonstration scheduled to reach the headquarters of the Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE) in Caracas today ended in chaos as state security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the largely peaceful protest. 1.566 palabras más

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05.08.16: Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan

El Nacional reported today that the Panama Papers contain information regarding Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, the former head of the Banco Industrial de Venezuela (BIV). The BIV was a state-run bank that… 784 palabras más

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snuper6: 이동주미야😘 #상일

We’re traveling😘 #Sangil

snuper6: 기상!  ♡3♡

대구  빨리 가고싶다ㅠㅠ

#스누퍼 #세빈 #어흥  #모닝콜

Wake up!  ♡3♡

I want to get to Daegu quicklyㅠㅠ

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03.26.16: Fiefdom

Residents of a small town called El Playon in Merida state continued to protest today after they were allegedly threatened and harassed by a party claiming to be related to First Lady Cilia Flores… 1.217 palabras más

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